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Rachel Means
SO 101
Key Points learned
Functionalist Theory
All social institutions are organized to provide for the needs of society.
Institutions (family) are based on shared values
Family fills societal needs
(family is divided from society)
Conflict Theory
Family acts as a system of power relations that reinforces and reflects the inequalities in
Families are essential to maintaining inequality in society because they feed capitalism
Symbolic Interaction theory
People have meanings given to them by members of society which is basis of social
Construction of meaning within familys.
(All the theories analyze families and illuminate different features of family experience).
Family Violence Myths
1. Family & intimate violence is a significant social & public health problem and an
inevitable aspect of family relations.
2. Family violence is primarily confined to mentally disturbed or sick people
3. Family violence is primarily confined to the lower class.
4. Because family violence occurs in all groups--social factors are not relevant.
5. Children who are abused grow up to be abusers.
6. Battered wives like being hit and/or are responsible for the violence–otherwise
they’d leave.
7. Alcohol & drug abuse are the real causes of violence in the home.
8. Violence & love do not coexist in families.
Family is in a constant state of change.
Conflict view on education: Education level can be used as a tool for discrimination (credentials)
Relationship of social control: Race-Ethnicity, Education, Occupation, and Income
U.S education allows for more social mobility.
Marxist Lennononism – successor Joseph Stalin (central planning communism) = COMMUNISM
Black Friday= Stock Market crash
Vienna Revolution
John Maynard Cain- Advisor – Tried to save capitalism [Macro Economics]
Fredrick Von Hyek- Idealistic economic
Von mieses- Libertarian “Markets work and Governments don’t”
Functional Emile Durkhiem – Religion is functional for society because it brings everyone together
Capatalist Max Weber – Believed faith supported the development of capitalism
Oppressed Karl Marx – Religion is a tool for oppression and caused conflict it made things worse!
Capitalism – pursuit of profit
Socialism- is an economic institution- Property of the state
Communism- the state (government) sole owners