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Violence Against
By: Alena and Nathan
There are many problems that occur in the world we live in today.
However, one issue that many people fear is violence and the inequality
of gender. Females are more likely to be hurt or feel threatened by
males and there have also been many incidents in which men have
demonstrated gender violence. Our presentation includes facts and
different types of problems that go around the theme of gender and
inequality We will also be talking about the different situations that are
associated with gender violence.
Forcible Rape
• Common fear of US women
• Victims of sexual assault include babies and
elderly women. The typical women is aged
• Statistics: 7 out of every 10,000 females age
12 and older are raped.
• Most victims know their attacker.
• About 2 out of 5 are committed by strangers
(about 38%).
Date (Acquaintance) Rape
• Some researchers say that most
women students experience unwanted
or forced coerced sex. Others are
• Most date rapes go unreported- the
victims feel somewhat responsible
because they knew the person.
• About as many men (23%) as women
(24%) given into pressure, when they
didn’t want to. None of the men were
physically forced.
All over the world,
men are more likely
than women to be
• In U.S, men make up
most of the population.
• Nine times out of ten,
the man is the killer
when a women is
As seen on the graph
(page 319): More men
are the killers as well
Violence in the Home
• Women are typical
victims of family
• Spouse battering,
marital rape, genital
circumcision are also
some forms of violence
against women.
Women in the Criminal
• Women are
less likely to
commit murder.
• However, if they do, the
judges become more
• Sexual stereotypes: women
are less dangerous and
should have another
• Table on page 319 also
shows that women are likely
Feminism and
Gendered Violence
Feminist sociologists VS. Violence
against women
Feminist sociologists have been
especially effective in bringing this issue
into the public's attention
Violence against women => Some use
symbolic interactionism and conflict
theory to promote violence.
Some use SI to associate men's strength
with violence as is done in many
Conflict Theory: Men are losing power
and some men turn violently against
women as a resistance and protection.
There is no certain
solution for this problem
of gendered violence.
However, there are
some solutions that are
effective. Any solutions
must break the
connection between
violence and manliness.
It is difficult to be
optimistic that change
will come any time soon
because of violent
messages and icons