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1. Peace in diversity, Harmony
In the picture given, there are different
hands making a circle surrounding the white
bird or probably a dove. The tone of the
hands differs from one another that
symbolizes different people being as one.
And the white bird symbolizes peace and
harmony. Therefore, the picture depecting
that different people, race, culture, and
beliefs can have a peaceful life and avoiding
violence by having harmony and respect to
one another.
2. Personal Peace
In the given picture, there is a girl meditating
and manefesting her own peace of mind and
soul. Seeking for inner peace and personal
peace. Which, everyone should seek within
ourselves to have freedom from anxiety,
insecurity, shame and depression ;with this,
life will be peaceful and quiet. Meditating
helps to have healthier mind, soul, and body;
good exercise to regain inner harmony and
3. War
In the picture, there are people firing
their canyon and weaons to other
party to defend themselves and
property. Which this means war
relating to power of different groups, a
misunderstanding or competition over
the nations. This actions may result to
death for victory.
4. War and Violence
In the provided picture there is a soldier
holding a gun and a fire in the
background. I can say there is a presence
of violence or war; in which, this is the
face of a soldier in a war who finished his
assignment. As seen in the picture, the
is a gun looks like assault rifles with an
accessory of bullets all over his body and
it is a black and white picture that could
have been taken years ago from wars.
1. Peace is the absence of physical and structural violence
2. Peace is the presence of justice, law, order, and government
3.Keeping the self and family whole, in view despite of various forms of brokenness that surrounds them,
is a foundation of a peace culture.
4.The greatest resource for building a culture of peace are the people themselves, for it is through them
that peaceful relationships and structures are created.
5.The greatest resource for building a culture of peace are the people themselves, for it is through them
that peaceful relationships and structures are created.
6.Youth are seen as potentially dangerous "subjects" and policy approaches often regard them as "a
7. Often, male youths in the age group 16-30 have been observed as the main protagonists of criminal
and political violence.
8. What needs to be underlined is that youth should be conceptualized and studied as agents of positive
peace in terms of addressing not only the challenges of physical violence, but also the challenges of
structural and cultural violence, and the broader social change processes to transform violent,
oppressive and hierarchical structures, as well as behaviour, relationships and attitudes into more
participatory and inclusive ones.
Personal Realization/Insights
Peace is a necessary aspect in life which represents our values, skills, attitude, dignity, freedom,
justice, culture,and law. In contrary of peace is war, chaos, death, disturbance, injustice,and suffering.
This is the reason why we need to educate our youth about peace culture. Youth takes a big role in
community and the future rulers of the world, if, youth do not participate in peace and order the
community and its foundation is nothing. Youth are the foundation, the future, the carrier of our pride
and culture; therefore, in young age teaching our young citizen about their rights, law, peace and order.
However, peace starts and grows in the smallest unit of the society-family; then, broken family
may cause our youth to have unstable peace of mind. Therefore, good family planning is important and
educate parents the right way to handle their children, love them, educate them, and show what is
peace. For the reason that, most of our youth are rebellious, lost, depressed, and trouble maker; which
causes problems. While, the youths have a substantial number in the world;then, if all our young people
are chaotic and as well as our community. And as a youth, I must embrace my opportunities, rights,
skills, and knowledge to empower myself and other youths; to act and do something to show our love
to our country; to give peace and order; to aid peacebuilding in socities recovering from conflict; to be a
strong foundation of our nation. We
As a youth, I have a big role in the society and I see myself involve in peacebuilding towards fair,
just, and organized community system. Billions of people are affected of conflicts which are mostly
underage of 30-youth; either victims or villains. However, during these past few years we have seen the
activism of youth as leaders and peace builders. As a youth, I can be an agent of peace by doing some
As a person, we have personal issues or social views we can't address to others as we are
anxious to be taken as joke. However, it is important to let ourselves to speak and stand, let people hear
our voices and express our opinions. It is a good practice of independence, integrity, and leadership that
can be in good use when it comes to contributing our own views and solutions. As a youth, I am present
but not recognized, much prone to every youth starting in their family; our children in the family being
Moreover, expressing our thoughts and ideas can help in decision-making, suggestions, and
more ideas to be formulated in solving personal and community problems. For that reason, it is
important to also enhance our knowledge and skills about peacebuilding. With the help of this peace
education topic in NSTP, I have a wider knowledge about culture of peace. Honestly, I want to focus
more on personal peace as my first step in building peace in the society, as it is essential to a person and
to all beings to have peace of mind, clear emotions to have crystal clear intentions. One of the reasons,
why our youth are chaotic and trouble makers is that they do not have personal peace and they want to
be rebellious as possible. It is important to provide the youth the knowledge and skills we need to be
able to be effective change-maker.
In addition, as youth and voter it is important to choose and vote a potential leader to give
strong governance to our country. It is my big role in the society to give a good leader that will lead our
people to fair, stable, and just country. Wherein, they can see hope and provide youth empowerment
than using them as a weapon which the world would believe more that our youth are the villain of
crimes. As some of adults believe that youth initiatives are a threat to peace, their power and position.
It is important to encourage us, the youth, to have a good term in our national government and learn
about our regional and national priorities so we can help them work toward peace priorities. A good
collaboration of young people and adults, having good communication to work about their common
issues they face, tackle them and solve them together. It is also can be demonstrated in a family, a good
communication within a family will help build peace within the home. Imagine, if all families have peace
education, good communication, and great bond; then, it is much peaceful and happier life.
Also, I haven't been involved yet in youth organizations; however, I love to extend my support to
them as possible. By helping them when they need more hands in their project, join some charity help
when I was in high school, and give support by donating some things to our victims of calamities. I
believe that with my small actions I have contributed a lot too and I am planning to explore more to
myself and try to add youth organizations as my interest in the future.