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District Core Assessments Review:
Decades of Change
G.I. Bill of Rights (reasons for? Effects of?)
Medicare/Medicaid Act (reasons for? Effects of?)
- causes of growth?
- effects of growth?
- issues of conformity
- characteristics of?
Economy of U.S.:
- comparing the condition/health of the economy of U.S. before WWII with the condition/health of the
economy after WWII
Supreme Court decisions:
Causes? Issues? Effects?:
- Plessey v. Ferguson (1896)
- Brown v. Board of Education (1954)
Civil Rights:
- Rosa Parks and bus boycott
- segregation
- integration (ending segregation) in Little Rock, Arkansas
- civil rights leaders:
- MLK, Jr. v. Malcolm X (strategies, views on violence and non- violence, goals, etc.)
- strategies for achieving goals:
- Malcolm X was originally for living separate from whites, using physical violence to
have African-Americans defend themselves against violent whites
- MLK wanted to use non-violent protest (boycotts, marches, sit-ins, etc.)
- Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Causes? Effects?)
- Voting Rights Act of 1965 (Causes? Effects?)
- Civil Rights Act of 1968 (Causes? Effects?)
“Baby Boom”:
- causes of
- dates
- effects (short term)
- effects (long term)
Women’s rights:
- comparing the roles of women in 1950’s and 1960’s
- dissatisfaction with suburban housewife/mother role (limited opportunities)
- feminist movement (Causes? Effects?)
- education levels (see graph)
L.B.J.’s “Great Society”:
- main idea/philosophy behind (focus on role of government)
- major programs
- successes & failures
- goal of U.S. government and military?
- domino theory?
- causes?
- major incidents?
- effects/outcome?
- draft (public’s views on it; effects on level of support for war)
- “Hawks” v. “Doves” (specific arguments of each side)
Vietnam and Watergate:
- effect on viewpoints of Americans about the military, the government, the role of U.S. in the world
Three Mile Island (nuclear accident)
- effects on the public’s opinion about nuclear power
End of the Cold War and Contemporary America
Rebirth (Rise) of the Conservative Movement:
- causes of (a reaction to ?)
- main ideas regarding:
- economics, size of federal government, military, societal values, environment, etc.
End of the Cold War:
- causes of
- symbolized by/associated with? (think of an event)
- effects of
Changing American Economy:
- causes of
- shifted from ____________________ to _____________________ types of jobs
Other Trends:
- “Baby Boom” generation:
- causes of
- dates
- effects (short term)
- effects (long term)
- the U.S.’s economic and military power and reputation from 1950-2000?
- stronger or weaker?
- rise of terrorism and our response to it:
- 9/11 attacks
- who did it?
- why?
- effects (short and long term)?
- War in Afghanistan
- War in Iraq
- increased security