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Chapter 5 Lesson 2
Forms of Energy
1)How can you find an object’s
mechanical energy?
2)What are other forms of
Forms of Energy
Full of Energy
The graph shows the fuel sources
used to generate electricity in the
1) Estimate the percentage of coal
used in Indiana to generate
2) How do you think this graph might
change in 10 years?
Mechanical Energy
 The energy of motion that does the work
 Combination of Kinetic AND Potential energy
 Objects have mechanical energy if they can
do work
 More mechanical energy = More work
 Example: When a spring is coiled up or a
rubber band is stretched, mechanical energy
is stored in it. When the spring uncoils or the
rubber band snaps back, this energy is
Mechanical Energy
If an object has 50 joules of kinetic energy and
237 joules of potential energy, what is its
mechanical energy?
What are other forms of
Describe with examples that
energy exists in several
different forms
What Are Other Forms of Energy?
7 Forms of energy to know
1. Mechanical – motion of object
2. Sound - vibrations
3. Nuclear – fusion and fission
4. Thermal – temperature of object
5. Electrical – batteries or power lines
6. Electromagnetic – visible light,
7. Chemical – food, cells in your body,
Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Energy
Use the Venn diagram to compare and contrast nuclear fission and nuclear
Thermal Energy
Electrical Energy
Electromagnetic Energy
Forms of Energy
Many objects in this restaurant have more than one form of energy. Find
three objects.