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Physics motivation
In the future REX-ISOLDE should give the answer to some
of the following questions.
• Nuclear structure
How are level schemes, B(El)-values and quadrupole deformations
changed in a region close to the drip line?
What is the most appropriate nuclear model far away from
Do there exists new regions with extreme nucleus deformation?
Are there new collective modes to be found with
stable octupole, oblate or triaxial nuclear shape?
Neutron halo nuclei: how many are there and
do more forms exist?
• Nuclear astrophysics
The production of primordial matter during the early universe:
how did the process continue through
the bottlenecks, e.g. through the 35Ar(p,g)
What is the magnitude of the astrophysical S factor, and how can the
solar neutrino problem be solved?
• Atomic physics
Is there a non-parity conservation in heavy ions or atoms?
What are the exact masses of short lived medium and heavy
• Solid state physics
How will radioactive implantation, creating point defects and
impurities, on a deep level in the semiconductor affect its
…and much more