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MCML Implementation of Gbps
De-Multiplexer with Dynamic
Power Management
Osman Abdulkarim
21 February 2005
Dynamic Power management
Proposal statement
MOS Current Mode Logic
Differential pair acts as a switch that steers current based on input signal
Advantages of MCML
∆V = Vdd – IR, Typically 0.3 ~ 0.4 V
Common Mode Rejection
• Differential Signal  No need for Inverters
• Static Power Dissipation
P = Vdd . I
• Hard to design and optimize
Design Considerations include:
-Load Biasing and sizing
-Diff-pairs and current sink
-Minimum Swing for compete steering
Threshold fluctuation tolerant MCML
• Threshold variation is due
to fabrication process
variations. E.g. Gate
length, oxide thickness,
• Threshold fluctuation
tolerant MCML
Uses feedback to
compensate for threshold
∆VTHMAX: Maximum allowable threshold voltage variation
Dynamic CML
• Dynamic current source
using a capacitor.
During evaluation, capacitor acts
as a virtual AC ground
• Cross-connected PFETs
speed up the switching
• Cascading DyCML gates:
-Delayed Clock
-Self timed gates
Dynamic Power Management-AMCML
• Circuit conditions
power consumption
by changing current
based on frequency
of operation.
• Reduce power
dissipation to the
minimum required
for each operation
• De-Multiplexers
convert a serial bit
stream into a parallel
word format.
• Used in serial
• Can be modeled
using shift registers,
switches or D-Latches
2:1 DeMUX
Proposal Statement
• To design a CML Wide Band Gbps 2:1
Multiplexer using Feedback transistors
and an Adaptable current management.
• The results shall be compared to
Conventional CML, with focus on Power
dissipation and speed.
Time Table
• Feb, 16
Project Proposal
• Feb, 16 – Mar, 1
Research: Accumulate information on MCML, threshold voltage fluctuation
theory and its effect on MCL switching speed. Define the problem, the
performance requirements, the testing methodology and performance
indicators measurement.
• Mar, 1 – Mar, 25
Circuit design and simulation
• Mar, 25 – April 1
Project Presentation
• April 1 – April 25
Simulation results recording and analysis. Conclusions and suggestions.
Comprehensive report.
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