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Course Title: Electric Circuits 1
Type of course: undergraduate, full time
Field of study (Programme), specialization:
Energetyka; Lotnictwo i Kosmonautyka; Mechanical Engineering ; Mechanika i Budowa Maszyn.
Faculty course (module) code: ANW113
Semester 2
Level of course (module): basic
course graded in exam
2 Lectures + 1 Tutorial session
(Teaching methods)
Lecturers (Course leader): prof. dr hab. inż. Tadeusz Skoczkowski
Contents (lecture’s programme):
To be able to use fundamental laws of linear electric circuits to solve electric DC and AC circuits.
Know how to analyse electric circuits containing independent and dependent sources using loop and
nodal techniques. Know how to analyse electric circuits using additional techniques e.g. superposition,
source transformation, Thevenin's and Norton's equivalent circuits. To get familiar with calculation of
electric power and energy in DC and AC electric circuits. To be able to analyse first- and second order
transient circuits. To understand variable-frequency performance of basic elements, resonant circuits and
passive filters
Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, basic science, and engineering to solve problems
encompassing electric circuits. Ability to identify and formulate a problem related to electric circuits.
Ability to apply the fundamental laws of electric circuit to compute basic electric quantities (current,
voltage, powers). Ability to select a simple electrical component or system to meet desired engineering
Assessment method:
Two assessments + final exam
Recommended texts (reading):
1. Irwin J. D., Nelms R. M.: Basic Engineering Circuit Analysis, Willey, 9th edition.
Further Readings:
1. Griffiths D.J.: Introduction to Electrodynamics, Prentice Hall, 3rd edition.
2. Dorf R.C., Svoboda J.A.: Introduction to Electric Circuits, 7th edition.
3. Robbinson A.H., Miller W.C.: Circuit Analysis: Theory and Practice, Delmar Cengage Learning, 2003.
4. Svoboda J.A.: Worked Examples from the Electric Circuit Study Applets, Willey, 2006.
5. Thomas R. E., Rosa A.J., Toussaint G.J.: The Analysis and Design of Linear Circuits, Willy, 2009, 6th
Further Readings: will be provided by lecturer
Calculus 1 (ANW102) , Calculus 2 (ANW90) , Computer science 1 (ANW106)
Additional remarks: