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Energy of POSITION or STORED energy
energy stored in the
bonds of atoms
Examples are
 gasoline (petroleum)
 Natural gas
 Propane
 Coal
Energy stored in
the nucleus of an
Examples are
 Nuclear reactors
 uranium
Energy stored in
objects because
of the application
of a force
Examples are
 Stretched rubber
 Compressed
springs in a
mattress or couch
Energy stored because of somethings
place or position
Examples are
 Water at the top of a dam
 Rock at the top of a hill
 Book sitting on a desk
Is energy of MOTION
energy that travels
in waves
Examples are
 Visible light
 Solar energy
 Radio waves
 X-rays
 Gamma rays
Energy from the
vibration of
atoms and
Examples are
 Geothermal heat
Energy from the
movement of objects
Examples are
 Wind (turns windmill)
 Hydropower- going
over dam
 Ball flying through air
 You walking
Energy of longitudinal
Examples are
 Music
 Talking
Waves travel into ear,
hits eardrum that
vibrates hairs and tiny
bones in ear, then
sends signals to brain.
Energy from the
movement of
Examples are
 Electricity
 Lightning
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