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Brunelleschi’s dome
in Florence
Why do some historians
view this as the start of the
Why did the Renaissance happen?
 Wealthy Italian City States
 Independent
 Merchants – Rich from trading
 Patrons of the Arts
 Major City-States – Milan, Venice & Florence
 1300s
 Plague
 Political Instability
 Decline in Church Power
 Crusades
 Connection with Arabs
 Renewed interest in things from the past
(Greece and Rome)
Renaissance Society
 Secular: a worldly viewpoint that doesn’t
focus on religion
 Well-Rounded Individuals (mostly the
Noble Class)
 Serfdom declined, more people moved
to the cities.
 Renaissance ideas spread from Italy.
Draw a picture in your notes that
represents the word Secular.
Rebirth of Thought
 Improved Education System
 Universities are created
 Study of Classic Greece and Rome
 Humanism: an intellectual
movement of the Renaissance
 Areas of Study
 Grammar
 Rhetoric
 Poetry
 Moral Philosophy
 History
 Literature
How did the
Gutenberg’s Printing Press
Answer questions 1 & 2
in your notebook
Impact of
Gutenberg’s Printing Press
 New Ideas are widely read in Europe
 Niccolo Machiavelli - The Prince
 Thesis: “the ends justify the means”
(it doesn’t matter how you got there just as
long as you got there)
 Dante - Divine Comedy
 Chaucer - The Canterbury Tales
Vernacular: the language of everyday speech in a
particular region
 New Ideas or
 Old Ideas borrowed from Asia or the
Middle East during trading or the
Crusades or from ancient Greece or
 Improved the lives of people in Europe.
 Eventually led to the Age of Exploration.
 Some specifically helped with navigation
and shipping
Brunelleschi’s dome
in Florence
Why do some historians
view this as the start of the
Exit Ticket
During the Renaissance, “people started to see humans as
being beautiful once again.”
Do you believe this is accurate? Why or why not?
Renaissance Art
 History Channel