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MASTER’S EXAM Fall 2015 PART I Theory
Answer either question 1, 2, or 3 1.
What was the gist of Karl Marx’s theory of society? What was his remedy for social problems? How would you compare Marx’s theory with that of Auguste Comte? 2.
Why, in your opinion, are Max Weber and Emile Durkheim considered among the greatest sociologists of the classical age of sociology? Provide relevant arguments and sources. 3.
Name one theorist from each of the following traditions of sociological theory: Conflict theory, Structural Functionalism, Micro interactionism, and the Durkheimian tradition. Describe the work of one of these theorists in greater detail. PART II
Methods 4.
Distinguish three of the following pairs of concepts, describing each and using examples to illustrate your discussion: a.
Qualitative and quantitative research b.
Simple random and systematic sampling c.
Conceptual and operational definition d.
Nominal and ordinal variable e.
Test­retest and inter­rater reliability f.
Experiment and content analysis g.
Content and construct validity Part III
Statistics 5.
Select two of the following pairs of techniques and discuss when it is most appropriate to use each technique: a.
Pearson correlation and regression b.
Phi (φ) and Gamma (G) c.
Mean and standard variation d.
Chi square (χ2) test and t­test for two independent samples Part IV General Answer question 6 or 7 6. If you were to recommend two great sociological books to a non­sociologist, what would they be? Defend your choice. 7. Compare and contrast two major theoretical perspectives to the study of any one social problem.