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Chapter 24 Review
442nd Regimental Combat Team
Japanese American combat team that became the most decorated military unit in American history
A. Philip Randolph
African American labor leader
Albert Einstein
world-famous scientist who alerted Roosevelt of the need to develop atomic weapons
bracero program
program in which laborers were brought from Mexico to work on American farms
Bulge, Battle of the
German counterattack that failed, resulting in an Allied victory
Chester Nimitz
Commander of the U.S. Navy in the Pacific
June 6, 1944, the day Allied forces invaded France
Dwight Eisenhower
American general and commander of Allied forces
El-Alamein, Battle of
Germans defeated by British in turning point of war in North Africa
Executive Order 8802
measure that assured fair hiring practices in jobs funded with government money
General Erwin Rommel
Commander of German Afrika Korps in North Africa, known as the Desert Fox
George S. Patton, Jr.
American general and tank commander
Guadalcanal, Battle of
First offensive operation carried out by the US in the Pacific Theater
Harry S. Truman
President during the end of World War II
First atomic bomb dropped on this Japanese city by the US
temporary imprisonment
island hopping
American strategy of capturing selected islands in the Pacific in a steady path to Japan
J. Robert Oppenheimer
key leader of the Manhattan Project
Japanese pilots who deliberately crashed their planes into American ships
Korematsu v. United States
Supreme Court case that upheld the government’s wartime internment policy
Manhattan Project
code name for the program to develop an atomic bomb
Midway, Battle of
American victory and turning point of the war in the Pacific
Second atomic bomb dropped on this Japanese city by the US, Japan surrenders
Okinawa, Battle of
Bloodiest battle in Pacific War, US suffers nearly 50,000 casualties
Office of War Information, encouraged support of the war effort
system that limits the amount of certain goods people can buy
Rosie the Riveter
Named given to fictional female factory worker symbolic of the effort made by women in the war industry
saturation bombing
dropping massive amounts of bombs to inflict maximum damage
Stalingrad, Battle of
Germans defeated by Soviets in turning point of war on Eastern Front
strategic bombing
dropping bombs on key targets to destroy the enemy’s capacity to make war
Tuskegee Airmen
African American fighter squadron
German submarines responsible for sinking hundreds of Allied ships
unconditional surrender
giving up completely without any concessions
VE Day
May 7, 1945, victory in Europe
VJ Day
August 15, 1945, victory in Japan
Zoot Suit Riots
Conflict in Los Angeles in 1943 between GI's and Mexican Americans