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Chapter 8
Study Guide
1. Why did Great Britain and France declare war on Germany?
2. Why did the rise of dictators cause concern in the 1930s?
3. What event caused the United States to enter World War II?
4. Who were the Axis powers during World War II?
5. How would you describe the effect of World War II on the United States' economy?
6. What are some roles of women during World War II?
7. Where did the first African American fighter pilots begin training?
8. What was Executive Order #9066?
9. What was the Manhattan Project?
10. After which battle did Japan’s navy become too weak to continue capturing islands in the
11. After which battle was Germany forced to retreat from the Soviet Union?
12. Where did the largest sea invasion in world history take place?
13. How did the use of atomic bombs impact the outcome of World War II?
14. What were concentration camps?
15. About how many Jews were murdered during the Holocaust?
16. How did World War II change life for many women and African Americans?
17. Many children organized “scrap drives” in both the US and Great Britain. Millions of
Americans planted Victory Gardens. Many Families rationed goods. Why? What was the
point of all of this?
18. Why did President Truman decide to use the atomic bomb?
19. Write the following events in the order in which they happened. a) Allied forces led an
invasion in Normandy, France. b) George S. Patton led the Allies to victory at the Battle
of the Bulge. c) The Allies defeated Axis forces in North Africa and Italy.