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Must complete all three for CREDIT
A. Blitzkrieg
D. Appeasement
G. Rationing
J. Neutrality Acts
B. Russian Revolution
E. Good Neighbor Policy
H. Internment Camps
K. Executive Order 9066
C. War Bonds
F. Tuskegee Airmen
I. Office of War Information
L. Lend Lease Act
___1. The ____________ _______________ led to the world’s first Communist state and
___2. Under the _________ _________ ________, the USA agreed not to interfere in the internal
affairs of Latin American nations.
___3. The policy of giving in to satisfy the demands of a political enemy is known as ____________.
___4. Rapid coordinated movements by German airplanes, tanks, and troops is known as
the ______________.
___5. The _________ _____________ prohibited Americans from traveling on the ships of nations
at war.
___6. The _____ - _____ _____ - sell, lease, or lend war materials to any country vital to the
defense of the USA.
___7. _____ _____ helped pay for the war.
___8. ______________ regulated the amount of goods that a consumer could obtain .
___9. The _______ __ _________ _________ - led the effort on pro war propaganda to promote
the war.
___10. ________ ______ ______ - required Japanese Americans to relocate to internment Camps.
___11. The ___________ _________ were an African American fighter group in the Air Corps.
Vernon Baker
Dwight D. Eisenhower
George Patton
Chester Nimitz
E. George C. Marshall
F. Harry S. Truman
G. Benito Mussolini
H. Joseph Stalin
I. Albert Einstein
J. Douglas MacArthur
K. Omar Bradley
L. Adolf Hitler
___1. Fascist Party, Italy
___2. Nazi Party, Dictator who condemned Jews and others
___3. Medal of Honor winner, World War II hero
___4. Expert Tank Commander in North Africa, Commander of Third Army
___5. Commander of the invasion of Normandy D-Day Invasion June 6, 1945
___6. Admiral of the Navy, defeated the Japanese at Midway
___7. USA re-took the Pacific and Philippines under this General’s leadership
___8. Decided to use the atomic bomb against Japan to save American lives
___9. Established brutal Communist dictatorship in Russia
__10. lead the First American Army to land in France
__11. Chief of Staff, oversaw the creation of the first Atomic Bomb
__12. Sent letter to FDR telling him that Germany might be developing
an atomic bomb.
Fill in the Blank
1. The USA Industrial output during WWII was _____ times as productive as Germany
and FIVE times as productive as Japan.
2. The major TURINING POINT in the EUROPEAN WAR was the Battle of _________.
3. . . . Winter set in, Germans were wearing summer uniforms. . . . In what battle did
GEOGRAPHY play an important part in the ultimate winner of the battle?
Battle of _______________
4. Name the largest LAND-SEA-AIR operation in military history?
__ - _____
5. Name the President who dropped the Bombs' on Japan? _______ __ __________
6. Name the battle considered to be the TURNING POINT in the PACIFIC WAR?
Battle of ___________
7. Secret name for the ATOMIC BOMB? ____________ ____________
8. Name the event that caused the USA to abandon NEUTRALITY during World WAR II?
9. Who did Hitler blame for starting the war? _____________
10. Who did Hitler blame for losing the war for Germany? _________________