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Year Group: 8
Term: Autumn 2
Title: Adverts – Understanding the conventions of music for adverts
( including differentiated expectations)
(including differentiated opportunities)
(expectations applied to end of unit
Understanding Element(s):
(Paragraphs 4 a/b)
all – there are different scale patterns (major, minor, modes);
some – the need for appropriate choice of scale for given
few – potential of exploiting specific scale features (minor 2nd).
Developing Skill(s):
(Paragraphs 1, 2 and 3)
all – can manipulate basic sound effects, mood ‘clusters’ and
‘fragments’ or motifs for a particular purpose;
some – show appropriate combination of effects, background
moods and motifs for specific advert; some motif development;
few – can exploit one of these techniques well to promote
‘selling point’ of product with advanced manipulation of motif.
Singing TV advert songs of the moment
Watching TV adverts – analyse basic musical techniques
Soundscape exercise: clusters / melodic fragment / sound effect – combine
to suggest . . . ?
Look at scales (listening and playing?) in jazz, 12 tone, pentatonic: impact
on mood / style (NB other aspects of the complete musical styles as well)
Play Eastenders theme (or current TV advert) in different scales
Re-do soundscape exercise: choose different scale – impact? NB Respond
and review
Analyse TV advert melodic construction: imitation / augmentation /
S Reich: ‘Clapping Music’
Quality Musical Experience(s):
Performance of advert music
Melodic starting point exercise
Use of existing music – define limits (start or end)
Juxtaposition of aural and visual messages
Applying Understanding:
(Paragraphs 4 b/c/d)
Set advert composition task
The conventions of advert music: supporting the ‘selling point’
of a product through use of sound effects, background ‘mood’
music, musical ideas (based on motifs), musical ideas (taking
existing music)
Perform / analyse
Major, minor, mode, scale, semitone
Motif, repetition/contrast/development
Imitation, augmentation, diminution
Chord clusters
Range of TV adverts on video
Rhythmic chant: S Reich ‘Clapping Music’
Melodic starting points exercise – keyboards / computers
Examples of dorian mode jazz, 12 tone Webern, pentatonic folk
At: understands adverts – selling point
reflected in:
• appropriate scale patterns chosen
• basic use of sound effects,
clusters, melodic lines
• some simple development of
Above: understands adverts well –
selling point clearly identifiable in:
• scale pattern used to create
effective melodic line
• imaginative use of sound effects,
clusters, melodic lines and other
• development of motif reflects
‘story line’ of advert
Well above: understands adverts very
well – selling point identifiable, music
takes on a life of its own by:
• scale pattern features exploited
• use of conventions creates an
effective piece of music (as well
as fulfilling advert requirements,
to the extent that vision is not
• advanced motif development
ideas used
Performing Opportunity: