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1. What is the “cell cycle”?
2. Give an example of a cell that would go through this cycle.
3. What does the cell cycle illustrate?
3. What is the longest phase of the cell cycle?
4. Correctly fill in the boxes with interphase, cytokinesis, and the 4 phases of mitosis.
5. Add on to the graphic organizer above by placing on the diagram what actually happens (brief
description) in each stage. (add additional bubbles or boxes)
6. After the description of the event, write the phase of the cell cycle in which it happens.
A) Nuclear membrane dissolves _______________________
B) A cellular plate forms in plant cells _______________________
C) DNA is duplicated _______________________
D) The longest stage of the cell cycle _______________________
E) DNA condenses into chromosomes_______________________
F) Chromosomes line up on the metaphase plate_______________________
G) Contractile protein ring is formed in animal cells _______________________
H) Sister chromatids separate to opposite poles of cell _______________________
I) Chromosomes start to move _______________________
J) Centrioles move to poles of cell and extend spindle fibers ______________________
K) Chromosomes are visible using a light microscope _______________________
L) Chromatids arrive at cell poles _______________________
M) The first phase of mitosis _______________________
N) The last phase of mitosis _______________________
O) Regular cell function – checkpoint for DNA replication _______________________
P) Growth and production of proteins _______________________
Q) Divided into 3 stages _______________________
7. Circle T if the statement below is true and circle F if it is False. For each false answer, underline the term(s)
that make the statement false and write in correct terms.
A. Mitosis is the longest phase of the cell cycle.
Enzymes like helicase will be found during cytokinesis. T F
B. DNA replication takes place in the S phase of the cell cycle.
D. The cell cycle describes the entire life of a cell, for which mitosis is a part of.
E. When thinking back to the characteristics of life, prophase could be an example of the trait “grows and
F. All cells of the body undergo the cell cycle.
G. M phase is the same as mitosis.
H. The longest part of the M phase is telophase.
Use the diagram above to name the phase of mitosis or the cell cycle each numbered cell is in:
1) ________________________________
10) ________________________________
2) ________________________________
11) ________________________________
3) ________________________________
12) ________________________________
4) ________________________________
13) ________________________________
5) ________________________________
14) ________________________________
6) ________________________________
15) ________________________________
7) ________________________________
16) ________________________________
8) ________________________________
17) ________________________________
9) ________________________________
18) ________________________________