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 Job Name:
SocialSphere is a public opinion and social intelligence software company based in Cambridge,
Massachusetts -- with operations around the world. Founded in 2007 by a team out of Harvard’s Institute
of Politics, SocialSphere counts as its clients some of the largest brands, governments, sports franchises
and entertainment companies in the world. With the release of our new SaaS platform called ORBIT™,
we are the only company to connect Facebook Topic Data, the full Twitter firehose and proprietary
databases together to bring unparalleled, actionable insights that are used at every level within our
clients’ enterprises – from the C-suite to the research and media teams, to community managers.
To achieve our goals, we are hiring Technical Analysts to work under our Chief Analytics Officer to
analyze social media data and develop prediction models for a diverse set of blue-chip clients in the
United States and abroad. The ideal candidate will welcome the challenges of a fast-paced start-up
environment. He or she will have exemplary analytic skills and be knowledgeable, passionate and curious
about things our clients care about, including politics, pop culture, sports and branding.
• Work with account teams to configure our proprietary platform and other tools to identify and
analyze social media trends using Facebook, Twitter and other data sources;
• Integrate third-party data sources with social media data in order to to build and improve
predication models across a variety of industries;
• Regularly produce reports for internal and external audiences including information on client use
of our platform, client initiatives and campaigns.
• BA/BS in a quantitative field with at least two semesters of college level statistics and math;
• Professional experience (including internships) in a position that required regular use of data;
• Familiarity with advanced Excel functions, with working knowledge of pivot tables and VBA a
• Experience with use of a major math or statistical modeling software such as R, Mathematica, or
Matlab and data mining (e.g., queries, indexes, analysis);
• Basic knowledge of a computer programming language and familiarity with constructions of
complex expressions. Experience with data mining (e.g., queries, indexes, analysis);
• Strong written, presentation and problem solving skills;
• Display a high degree of organizational skill and be comfortable working on a number of different
projects at one time;
• Have a strong interest in areas that include marketing, public affairs, sports and entertainment;
• Be a strong team player, motivated by organizational success.
Please send a resumé and cover letter, with the job title you are applying for, to [email protected]
1430 Massachusetts Avenue Fourth Floor Cambridge, MA 02138 USA 617.245.8580 @socialsphere