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To bring you more
ways than ever to fight
breast cancer.
The full scope of breast cancer care,
for a better chance of recovery.
IU Simon Cancer Center’s Breast Cancer Services provide seamless, coordinated care
through teams of multidisciplinary specialists who work together to develop customized
treatment plans. Your team might include surgical oncologists, reconstructive surgeons,
medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, diagnostic radiologists and others.
Our highly skilled physicians have true expertise and understanding of breast cancer, and
are recognized for leadership in both clinical care and research. Many have dedicated their
careers to fighting breast cancer. They are experienced in a wide range of cases, even the
most complicated.
Diagnostic tools include:
Clinical examination
■ Breast ultrasound
■ Breast MRI
■ Ductoscopy
Stereotactic or ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy
MRI-guided biopsy
■ Needle localized surgical biopsy
■ Sentinel lymph node biopsy
■ Special pathology procedures
Treatment options include one or more of the following:
■ Nipple-preserving mastectomy
■ Reconstructive surgery
■ Hormonal therapy
■ Biological therapy
Our program is expanding to make treatment possible for even more patients, thanks to
a long-standing collaboration between the surgical oncology and reconstructive surgery
sections at IU Simon Cancer Center.
Being a patient here gives you access to the latest clinical trials and breakthrough
treatments you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll receive expert care in a calm,
compassionate environment. It’s everything you need to fight breast cancer and win.
For a second opinion with our specialists, call 800.265.3220
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