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Bristol Zoological Society
Job Description
Main place of work:
Line Manager:
Marketing and Events Executive
Marketing and Development
Bristol Zoo Gardens / Wild Place Project
Marketing Manager
Primary responsibilities:
- To support the Marketing Manager in planning, delivering and overseeing successful marketing campaigns for Bristol Zoo Gardens, Wild
Place Project and other Society projects.
- To support the Marketing Manager to plan, deliver and oversee
commercially viable events that increase footfall and deliver a
measurable return on investment.
Secondary responsibilities:
- To work closely with the Web Coordinator to ensure projects and
campaigns are integrated offline and online.
- To work closely with the Product and Education Marketing Manager to
ensure product campaigns and education marketing work seamlessly
alongside each other.
- To assist the marketing and development team in all activities.
Main Duties
 Provide support to the Marketing Manager to help plan and deliver
successful marketing campaigns that drive footfall throughout the year.
 Support the Marketing Manager in developing, implementing and
overseeing a series of attractive and effective events throughout the
year that increase visitors and generate a robust financial return.
 Work closely with Guest Services to ensure the operational side of the
events and campaigns are delivered.
 Create and distribute, in liaison with the marketing manager, marketing
 Assist with implementation of advertising, promotions and media
buying schedule.
 Help create and deliver promotional activities including launches and
previews and represent Bristol Zoological Society and associated
projects at exhibitions and fairs as required.
 Oversee the marketing internal picture library; ensuring it is always fit
for purpose.
 Recruit and manage the Zoo’s promotional team – the Zoo Crew.
Health and Safety
Ensure that the management of Health and Safety is carried out as required
by BZS Health and Safety Management system, by ensuring safe working
practices are adhered to.
 Ensure the Marketing Manager is consulted and updated on a regular
 Provide oral and written reports as required.
 Liaise with Heads of Department on marketing projects and in
particular, the Guest Services team on events.
Gather necessary information from Heads of Department and staff via oral or
written communication.
As necessary
Working Conditions
The full time equivalent hours for the post are 37.5 hours a week; however
flexibility is required.
The post holder will be required to work any additional hours necessary to
satisfactorily fulfil the responsibilities of the post.
Notice Period
The notice period required from the post holder is a minimum of one month.
There may be occasions when the post holder is requested to work in other
company locations, or carry out other duties considered reasonable by the
Society or its representatives.
To reflect the changes within the Society during the next few years, the scope
of this role will be regularly reviewed, and may evolve to meet those needs.
Any changes will be agreed in advance with the post holder and confirmed in