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Bristol Zoological Society
Job Description
Grant Writer
Bristol Zoological Society
Main place of work:
Bristol Zoo Gardens / Wild Place Project
Line Manager:
Head of Marketing and Development
Primary Responsibility:
Prepare detailed and robust applications to grant-making bodies and trusts to obtain
financial support for Bristol Zoological Society projects.
Projects will vary greatly and cover most aspects of the Society, from small horticulture
projects in the Zoo itself to in-situ conservation projects across the planet.
The post is part time, maternity cover and a job share. The post holder must be able to work
towards targets.
Main Duties
Research, populate and maintain database records on potential sources of funding,
ensuring it is kept up-to-date and accurate.
Obtain a solid understanding of what grants / trusts are available, what their
requirements and deadlines are and which ones are a suitable match for Society
Perform the necessary research with internal departments to obtain a
comprehensive understanding of Society projects and how they might be aligned
with certain grants and trusts.
Be responsible for coordinating all of the information (internal and external) needed
to complete the applications.
Complete the applications to a high standard and ensure their safe and timely
Work extremely closely with Conservation Science department to prepare any
technical aspects of the applications.
Provide a detailed monthly report to the Head of Marketing and Development.
Health and Safety
Ensure that the management of Health and Safety is carried out as required by the Society
Health and Safety Management system, by ensuring safe working practices are adhered to.
Ensure Head of Marketing and Development is kept fully informed on all aspects of funding
applications and project development.
Meetings and communications with actual and potential funders.
Working Conditions
The post is a job share and the hours for the post are part time 22.5 hours a week; however
flexibility is required.
The post holder will be required to work any additional hours necessary to satisfactorily fulfil
the responsibilities of the post, which may include some evenings, weekends and bank
Notice Period
The notice period required from the post holder is a minimum of one month.
To reflect the changes within the Society during the next few years, the scope of this role will
be regularly reviewed, and may evolve to meet those needs.
Any changes will be agreed in advance with the post holder and confirmed in writing.