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French Revolution
Louis XIV
Louis XVI and Marie
Burden of the Third Estate
Estates General
Tennis Court Oath
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
Storming of the Bastille
Declaration of the Rights of Man
(August 1789 -Marquis de
Lafayette, with the help of
Jefferson) and the August Decrees
Women’s Bread March
The Radical Phase of the
King Accepts Limited Monarchy
Royal Family Arrested
War with Austria
September Massacres
Execution of the King
Robespierre and the Jacobins
Death of Marat (Jacobin
Journalist) by a Girondist
• San-cullotte leader
• Loose affiliation with
• Journalist and
The Reign of Terror and the
Thermidorian Revolution
The Directory
And More Napoleon
French Revolution Foldable
• Enlightenment Effects and People –
– How does Enlightenment “cause” the FR?;
major key players in the Enlightenment
• French Revolution stages – briefly outline
major events and stages generally
• Napoleon’s Rule – how did he come to
power?; domestic policies; foreign policies
• French Revolution Effects on the World –
– Other rulers in Europe; Democracy?; French
Society; (hint: some are for and against ideas)
Enlightenment People
(Hobbes and Locke)
Catherine the Great of Russia & Frederick
II of Prussia (why these two rulers?)
• Also, Marquise de Pompadour,
enlightenment salons, & Mary
French Society Prior to the
French Revolution
French Revolution
• Mix in: overspending by the Bourbon kings (the
“Louisssss”) and absolute rule
• Throw in a little (more like a lot) war debt: Spanish
Succession, French and Indian War, American
Revolution (no significant French gains)
• Add: a draught and poor harvests (no food)
• Top off with: heavy tax burden and few rights for the third
Estate (see DBQ), few/no taxes for the first and second
What Do You Get?
A meeting of the Estates General followed by
Formation of the National Assembly and the Tennis Court Oath
followed by
The Storming of the Bastille and the Great Fear followed by
A Declaration of the Rights of Man and the August Decrees ,
followed by
Women’s Bread March and the King’s return to Paris followed
a New Constitution (created by the National Assembly by 1791)
establishing a constitutional monarchy followed by
The September Massacres (Sans-culottes) followed by
A New Constitution (created by the Convention in 1793)
establishing a republic (king executed) followed by
A Committee of Public Safety and a Reign of Terror carried out
by the Jacobins under Robespierre followed by
The Thermidorian Reaction
A New Constitution and a Directory in 1795 (five man
government) followed by……
Emperor Napoleon
• 1799 – overthrew the directory, won control by plebecite
(popular vote), declared himself “First Consul” under a
new constitution (how many is that?)
• Instituted reforms in agriculture, the economy (national
bank), infrastructure, education, freedom of religion and
established the “Napoleonic Code” in 1804 which
allowed for a more fair justice system (provided equality
under the law)
• Abolishes feudal system and grants peasants freedom
for manorial duties
• *NOTE – improvements in France came with a price –
speech and women’s rights suffered
•Closing of all ports to Great
What’s Good forBritain
France is Good
to bankrupt GB in
order to increase French
• Napoleon conquered
Austria, Prussia,
Spain, Portugal,
the German
Russia, States
• 1810 - crowned himself Dictator for Life ,
but not for long
• Nationalistic uprisings began to undermine
his power, the “Continental System” failed
and winter set in in Russia (what?)
• 1812 – Napoleon forced into exile
Fall of Napoleon
(not in your notes)
• Aura of Invincibility
– Military genius; lust for power made him
commit three disastrous mistakes
• The Continental System
• Guerrilla warfare in Spain
– Tries to put brother on throne; enrages
Spanish ppl; lost 300,000 men in 5 yrs
• Invasion of Russia
– Tsar Alexander I couldn’t ship to GB;
Napoleon reached Moscow, but too cold and
Russian ruthlessly attacked and held on
Hints for the TEST in May
• Know Battle of Austerlitz solidified
Napoleon’s reputation as a military genius.
• Focus study time on impact of his
conquests on spreading nationalism
(remember Germany and other countries)
• Impact on dissolving Holy Roman Empire
Congress of Vienna: Back Where We
• 1815 – Balance of Power established in Europe (wars
been over for 3 years - why so long to get started?)
• French borders redrawn to their pre-Napoleonic
dimensions and old monarchies established thru the
policy of “legitimacy”
• Kingdoms established in Poland and the Netherlands
• France – back to where it started