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The Mystery of Enormous
Breasts and Penises
Class 3
Consider where you learned about sex?
◦ Parents, peers, friends?
◦ How accurate do you think your information
is/was when you were 13? 15?
Time magazine/CNN survey
(Stogdill, 1998)
◦ 74% of teens say friends and TV were major
sources of information.
◦ 10% of teens say parents provided more
Courses on Sexuality
What would the average 18 year old answer, in
The hymen is a reliable indicator of whether or
not a woman is a virgin.
Sperm can be produced only in an environment
several degrees lower than normal body
Excessive masturbation can cause serious medical
True or False? Quiz
The inner 2/3 of the vagina is highly sensitive
to touch.
Many men experience nipple erection when they
become sexually aroused.
Most men and women are capable of multiple
Breast size in women is related to the number of
Mammary glands.
True or False? Quiz
Menstrual discharge consists of sloughed off
uterine tissue, blood, and cervical mucus.
Before puberty, boys can reach orgasm, but they
do not ejaculate.
During sexual intercourse, orgasm in women results
from direct stimulation of the clitoris by the penis.
For hygiene reasons, you should avoid sex during
True or False? Quiz
A girl can get pregnant as soon as she starts having
menstrual periods.
Ovulation generally occurs just before
After a vasectomy, a man can reach orgasm but
cannot ejaculate.
AIDS is the diagnosis for people who have
human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
True or False? Quiz
The combination birth control pill works primarily
by preventing implantation of a fertilized egg.
Taking the oral contraceptive pill results in fewer
serious health problems than do pregnancy and
Women show their highest levels of sexual desire
at the time of ovulation.
There are about 12 million new cases of sexually
transmitted diseases in the United States each year.
True or False? Quiz
Women who have masturbated to orgasm during
adolescence generally have less difficulty reaching
orgasm during intercourse than women who never
Most women do not show symptoms in the early
stages of gonorrhea or chlamydia.
Gonorrhea, syphilis, and herpes can be
successfully treated with antibiotics.
True or False? Quiz
In vitro fertilization involves a process where part
of fetal development occurs in a test tube.
It is usually safe to have sexual intercourse during
the 7th and 8th months of pregnancy.
“Prepared childbirth” (e.g., Lamaze) refers to
delivering a baby without the use of drugs.
Most healthy people in their 60s and older continue
to engage in sexual behavior.
True or False? Quiz
The frequency of sexual relations is highest for
married couples aged 25 to 35.
Adult male homosexuals have lower than normal
levels of male hormones.
Douching is an effective method of birth control.
Recent evidence indicates that environmental
factors are most important in determining one’s
sexual orientation.
True or False? Quiz
Prostitutes are generally hypersexual and have
pathological sexual needs.
Most convicted rapists committed their crimes
because of an uncontrollable sex drive.
There is a demonstrated link between the
availability of pornography and sex crimes.
It is against the law in many states for a married
couple to engage in sexual behaviors other than
penile-vaginal intercourse.
True or False? Quiz
Most cases of child molestation involve an
acquaintance of a relative of the child.
A pregnant woman can transmit syphilis to
the unborn baby.
Exhibitionists and voyeurs often attempt to rape
their victims.
Nocturnal emissions (“wet dreams”) are often
an indication of a sexual problem.
True or False? Quiz
A woman’s ability to have vaginal orgasms is
related to penis size.
Oral herpes can be transmitted to another person’s
genitals by oral-genital contact.
Unless testosterone is present during embryonic
development, nature has programmed everyone
to be born a girl.
True or False? Quiz
Lack of education about contraception
◦ Teen Pregnancy
◦ HIV prevalence
◦ STD outbreaks (some with NO CURE)
3 out of 5 teens in the US say they do
NOT have enough information about Birth
Societal Issues
Sexual Attractiveness
◦ What parts of the body are erotic?
◦ When grandparents/parents say there is too
much sex on TV? What does that mean?
 Too much ankle?
 Too much kissing?
 Too much genitalia?
◦ In other cultures the view might be very
Cross-Cultural Comparisons
Consider your armpit….
◦ In Abkhazian, men are highly aroused at
seeing a woman’s armpit.
◦ Navel’s in Samoa
◦ Knees in New Guinea and the Celebes Islands
◦ Penis pins in Borneo
Sexual Attractiveness
Kissing? Universal?
◦ Western cultures primarily
 Not shared by the Japanese,
Hindus of India and others.
Permissive Cultures
◦ Teenage boys and girls are
instructed in how to please
their partner.
◦ Encouraged to have many
partners at adulthood
become monogamous
Behaviors and Attitudes
“Repressed” Cultures Inis Baeg
◦ Children never told about menstruation or
◦ No nudity, not even when parents care for
children, or with one’s spouse
• Men believe sex is
dangerous to their
health so it is done
as quickly as
The Extremes on the Continuum
How would you measure this?
Inis Baeg
Where is the U.S.? Now? 1920?
1940? 1960?
Sex for procreation or recreation?
 For physical pleasure or spiritual union?
 Daily? Weekly? Every five years?
 Monogamy or Polygamy?
Differences in more than
Given the diversity of the population of
the United States…
◦ Oral-Genital sexual relations
 Common for white middle-class (esp. College
 But not as common among African Americans.
 Also not common among low-educated or lowincome groups
Diversity within U.S. Culture
Given the diversity of the population of
the United States…
◦ Gender Roles
 The double-standard common in Latin American
◦ Permissiveness differs by generation/religion
 Asian Americans are least permissive, but are
more accepting of abortion (not a moral issue in
Eastern religions)
 Number of generations since immigration
Diversity within U.S. Culture
Old Testament Judaism
◦ “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and
subdue it.” –(Genesis 1:28, Revised standard
◦ Sex for procreation; celibacy neglects an
◦ Sons valued: Women are property of husband’s
family line
 Rape violation of property rights
 Women having extra/pre-marital sexstoned
Historical Perspectives on
◦ No shame in the physical body.
◦ Sex within marriage was widely accepted and
was seen as a gift from God.
◦ Any behavior between husband and wife was
accepted as long as the man did not ‘spill his
◦ Women were guaranteed sexual rights (in spite
of their ‘property’ status in other matters)
Historical Perspectives on
Physical love is separate from Spiritual
St. PaulBody is evil and must be
controlled by the mind (see dualism)
Celibacy is spiritually superior to
Sex is not for pleasure, only procreation.
Disgust for the human body: “Between
feces and urine we are born.” --St.
Women grouped with children and
regarded as asexual.
Sex was a ‘wifely duty’
Tissot (1741)—Masturbation would lead to
blindness, consumption, and insanity.
Loss of semen was as detrimental as loss
of blood.
U.S. b/w 1865 and 1932 awarded 33
patents for sexual restraint devices.
Myths abound
◦ Menstruating women can spoil a ham (British
Medical Journal, 1878)
During this same period…
◦ Prostitution
◦ Pornography
◦ and Extramarital Affairs flourished
Industrial Revolution time and mobility
Women’s movement women not asexual
Penicillin fewer STI concerns
The “Pill” Women can control
Premarital sex was more acceptable (at
least among the younger generation)
The Sexual Revolution
Make Love not War continued into the
 In the 1980s the emergence of the
HIV/AIDS epidemic, changed the way sex
was regarded.
 Condoms were used more often and there
was a general decline in teen pregnancy
and STI cases.
The End of the
Sexual Revolution?