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Name _____________________
Friday, 11.7.2008
Handout 4.3 – Mythbusters: Sex Quiz
Directions: Mark T for true, F for false, and D for depends.
_______ 1.
The diaphragm and IUD prevent conception similarly.
_______ 2.
Sexual unresponsiveness in women is usually caused by a
biological problem.
_______ 3.
Medical doctors currently recommend circumcision.
_______ 4.
Single males are happier and live longer than married
_______ 5.
Surveys show that about 50% of married men have
extramarital affairs.
_______ 6.
Sexual urges usually die away after age 65.
_______ 7.
Males get erections when they are months old.
_______ 8.
HIV is more easily transmitted male to female than the
_______ 9.
Males and females sometimes have an orgasm in their
_______ 10.
The father’s chromosomes determine whether the offspring
will be male or female.
_______ 11.
Males and females are equally likely to masturbate.
_______ 12.
Sexual intercourse after six months of pregnancy can be
dangerous to the mother or fetus.
_______ 13.
Herpes is an incurable STD.
_______ 14.
On average, married people have less sex per year than
single people.
_______ 15.
Women who have been raped are more likely to get a
_______ 16.
Women who live together will often have synchronized
menstrual cycles.
_______ 17.
One in ten high school students report having experienced
dating violence.
_______ 18.
During ovulation, the human egg only lives on average for
72 hours.
_______ 19.
Most transvestites are homosexuals.
AP Psychology
_______ 20.
Almost 70% of teens regret having had sex as early as
they did.
_______ 21.
The penis and the clitoris grow out of the same prenatal
_______ 22.
It is estimated that 1 in 5 Americans is now infected
with a viral STD.
_______ 23.
The brain typically inhibits sexual responsiveness more
than enhances it.
_______ 24.
During sexual activity, the male usually becomes aroused
and reaches climax faster than a female.
_______ 25.
Child molesters have usually been molested themselves
when young.
_______ 26.
Pheromones (sex odors) can determine choice of sexual
partners in humans.
_______ 27.
Ovulation usually occurs 14 days after menstruation ends.
_______ 28.
Nearly 2/3 of high school seniors have engaged in sexual
_______ 29.
Male odors can affect the female menstrual cycle.
_______ 30.
Sexual intercourse may induce labor.
_______ 31.
Males who have quadriplegic paralysis are often still
capable of getting an erection.
_______ 32.
Withdrawal is an unreliable method of birth control.
_______ 33.
A female can become pregnant even if the male does not
have an orgasm.
_______ 34.
College-bound students usually begin having sex later in
life than non-college-bound students.
_______ 35.
There are two kinds of orgasms in women: clitoral and
_______ 36.
The G-spot exists.
_______ 37.
Men’s fantasies tend to be more sexually explicit than
_______ 38.
A boy can have an orgasm even before he reaches puberty.
_______ 39.
If a woman has an orgasm, she is more likely to become
AP Psychology
_______ 40.
Homosexuality is a choice.
_______ 41.
Animals masturbate.
_______ 42.
Only about 1% of women are capable of multiple orgasms.
_______ 43.
Condoms come in sizes with expiration dates.
_______ 44.
Incest is taboo in every known culture.
_______ 45.
While breastfeeding, a woman has a slightly reduced
chance of becoming pregnant again.
_______ 46.
A masochist is a person who derives sexual satisfaction
from causing others to experience pain and is usually a sign
of psychological disorder.
_______ 47.
Small amounts of alcohol can facilitate sexual
_______ 48.
A transsexual is a person who wears women’s clothes.
_______ 49.
Most prostitutes are nymphomaniacs.
_______ 50.
Orgasms decrease in intensity as a person ages.
_______ 51.
The female sexual peak is around 35 years of age.
_______ 52.
Viagra increases the chances of erection by increasing
blood flow to the penis.
_______ 53.
Infertility and impotence are similar.
_______ 54.
Women frequently make false accusations about rape.
_______ 55.
Human Papillomavirius (HPV) may lead to cervical cancer.
_______ 56.
Aphrodisiacs exist.
_______ 57.
Almost all fetishists are men.
_______ 58.
A majority of sex crimes against children are committed
by adults who are friends or relatives of the victims.
_______ 59.
The incidence of homosexuality is increasing.
_______ 60.
Rapists have an above-average sex drive.
_______ 61.
There are hermaphrodites who are born with both a penis
and a vagina.
_______ 62.
In most experiments, women report being less aroused by
erotica than men.
_______ 63.
HIV is the most common STD in America.
_______ 64.
15% of American high school students have had 4 or more
AP Psychology
_______ 65.
Teen girls with older male partners are more likely to be
sexually active and are more likely to use contraceptives.
AP Psychology