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Cell Division
Discover Biology, 5th Ed. WW Norton & Co., © 2012
Chapter 10, pp 228-279.
Types of Cell Division
• Prokaryotes (Bacteria & Archaeans)
• Binary Fission.
Single loop of DNA is replicated during S phase of Interphase
Cell splits into 2 identical cells, each with 1 DNA molecule
New cells are clones to self and to the parent
• Eukaryotes
• Mitosis
Chromosome homologues are split  2 identical copies of DNA (2n)
Cytokinesis divides cytoplasm  2 daughter cell clones
All somatic cells
Unicellular eukaryotes reproduce asexually
Sponges, flatworms, seaweed, fungi, and plants
• Meiosis
• Form sex cells (gametes: ova & sperm) with ½ amount of DNA (1n)
• All cells transfer DNA from parent to daughter cells/ offspring
Binary Fission
Germline cells
Plant vs Animal Cell Cycle