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Calculate the distance in
meters using the speed triangle
A bird travels at 65m/s for 90s
A plane travels at 400m/s for 2000s
Superman travels at 2km/s for 120s
A passenger aircraft travels at 250m/s for 2 hrs
A snail travels at 1.5cm/s for 30 min
Don’t forget to
Them all to
Baseline (Aiming for 4):
Describe the
difference between distance and velocity and calculate
Further (Aiming for 6):
Rearrange the
acceleration equation and calculate the velocity for an
object under constant acceleration.
Challenge (Aiming for 8):
equations relating to velocity and acceleration in multistep calculations
Now try this one…
A car is travelling with a starting velocity of 90m/s and then after 10s its
velocity changes to a final velocity of 50m/s.
Calculate the acceleration of the car.
Describe what is happening to the car.