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Women for Election: who we are?
The Vision of Women for Election is an Ireland
with balanced participation of women and
men in political life
The Mission of Women for Election is to inspire
and equip women to succeed in political life
Why we exist
To provide a practical solution to the
• 16% of Dáil (27 seats) are women
• 95 women ever elected to Dáil Eireann
• 21% women elected at city and county
council level
• 83rd - Ireland’s ranking globally, equal to
North Korea and just ahead of Chile and
Tajikistan (IPU, 2015)
What do we do?
• Training, mentoring, support for women to take them on the next
step of their political journey
• Demystify access into “politics”
• Build cross party movement of women, nationally and
• Grass roots and non-partisan approach
Confidence, Campaign Strategy, Communications
All parties and Independents
Ireland’s FIRST Political Campaign School
3 day intensive residential
All parties and Independents
Tailored workshops (Universities, Community Groups)
Entry level political discussion
Community Activism <> Government
Universities <> Political activism
Working with women from 17 EU States
Developing Women for Election AU
Mentoring and coaching
Masterclasses in
“problem areas”
Access to Research
Media Opportunities
Discussion Forum
Networking Events
Campaign Services
Cross Border work
• Two day INSPIRE programme May 2015 (Cavan/Armagh)
• 25 participants – equal split north and south
• Targeted community, voluntary, trade unions,
charities, business networks, grass roots
organisations for participants
• Uniquely adapted to address the additional
‘c’ that women face in border areas ‘conflict’
The story so far…
• 700 women through core programmes in Ireland & EU
• 190 of those contested local or EU elections in Ireland
• 30%
women running at 2014 Local Elections versus 2009
• 33%
of women elected in 2014 Local Government Elections
• 50% of women elected at local level have been trained by Women for
The story so far…
What’s next
Series of programmes and training including:
Summer School – Campaign Essentials Finding your voice and
volunteers 17 July 2015, Google HQ, Dublin
Campaign school EQUIP 7 – 9 September 2015, Athlone
Masterclass series
Keep in touch
[email protected]