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Chapter 5 Lesson 1
Warm- Up Activity
 Quick Write – Think about the following question and
create a compilation of arguments for and against the
following topic:
“Can you think of 3 good reasons for the United States
to control a poorer country like Cuba? Can you think of
3 arguments against it?”
What was the Monroe Doctrine?
 President Monroe told
Europe to stop trying to
colonize America
 US basically controlled
the Western Hemisphere
 US begins to expand its
influence to other
What is Imperialism?
 The economic and
political domination of a
stronger country over a
weaker one
 Countries might have a
colony or protectorate
Think – Pair - Share
What were the motives for the US
to expand?
 Europe was expanding for resources
 Social Darwinism suggested most competitive nations would
 Manifest Destiny – Idea God wants US to rule
 “Anglo-Saxonism” led to belief of superior English speaking
 Congress authorized a new Navy b/c many thought US should
dominate the world
 This newly created Navy could defend US overseas interests
Why did the US look to the Pacific
for new markets?
 It was the next thing!
 US forces Japan to open its
ports to trade by using military
 To trade across the Pacific the
US opened ports on islands
like Pago Pago and Hawaii
How did the US get Hawaii?
 1819 – Missionaries
found soil good for
 By mid- 1800s settlers
had moved there to plant
 US gets to open a base at
Pearl Harbor in exchange
for no tariffs on sugar
How did the US get Hawaii?
 Sugar industry pressured
Hawaiian King to give up
 President Cleveland
opposed taking Hawaii
 When he leaves office
President McKinley takes
What was the Open Door Policy?
 Policy dictating Chinese
 US was worried about
other countries “spheres of
 Group of countries agreed
to allow each other to
trade for free throughout
While you read “Diplomacy in Latin America
(pg 145)”
 #1) Why did the US want to
build influence in Latin
 #2) Describe Pan-
Americanism in your own
 #3) What were James
Blaine’s goals for Pan
 #4) How would increasing
trade in the region help
strengthen US dominance