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Chapter 5 Section 1—The Imperialist Vision
p. 142-145
Building Support for Imperialism
1. Pretend that you live in Post Civil War America. Explain why you think that it is good for the United States to become a
“world power” as the European nations have done.
A Desire for New Markets
2. Define imperialism
3. Why were European countries extending their power over weaker nations?
4. Define protectorate
BONUS!!! Look at the definition of the two terms above. If the United States became a world power by way of these
terms, how would that be contradictory to what our country stands for?
A Feeling of Superiority
5. What were the three qualities that made the United States “superior” to others?
Building a Modern navy
6. What did American fear would happen to the U.S if we did not build a stronger navy and expand?
7. What were Alfred T. Mahan’s arguments FOR a new, modern navy?
Perry Opens Japan
8. Why do you think President Fillmore sent Commodore Perry in warships to talk trade negotiations with Japan?
9. What was the outcome of the meeting?
Annexing Samoa and Hawaii
10. Why did the U.S need a base in Samoa?
11. What did the United States DO for Hawaii? And what did the U.S EXPECT in return?
12. Who was the last monarch of Hawaii?
Diplomacy in Latin America
13. The United States purchased
American nations purchased their
from Latin America, but many Latin
from Europe.
14. Why do you think the U.S wanted Latin America to trade exclusively (only) with U.S manufacturers?
15. In both of Senator James G. Blaine’s goals, who did he want to be kicked out of the western markets?
16. In one word, write the Latin American response to Senator Blaine’s ideas.
17. What organization was created out of the Pan-American Conference?