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What to Expect in the 6th Grade
Specials Classes:
Music, Art, P.E., and Band
Art and Music Appreciation and History includes the art of Ancient Greece and Rome, Renaissance Art, Neoclassical
and Romantic Art, Realism and music and composers from Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and
Romantic Periods.
History & Geography:
World Deserts
The French Revolution and Romantics
Monotheistic Religions
Ancient Greece and Rome
Independence in Latin America
The Enlightenment
Industrialism, Capitalism, and Socialism
Plate Tectonics
Astronomy: Gravity, Stars, Galaxies
Children’s Homer (Iliad & Odyssey)
Classical Mythology
The Scarlet Pimpernel
The Count of Monte Cristo
Julius Caesar
The Prince and the Pauper
Realms of Gold Volume One (poems/short stories)
Wheelock’s Latin 7th Edition (Chapters 1-10)
Energy, Heat, and Energy Transfer
Science Biographies
Body Systems: Lymphatic & Immune
The rules and mechanics of grammar
Reviewing and applying rules of spelling;
Vocabulary words taught according to Latin/Greek roots
The writing process:
Essay format
Business letter
Persuasive writing
Narrative writing
Basic research
Basic literary analysis
Singapore Math 6A and 6B
Prerequisite Skills (Mastery)
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication (up to 12 by memorization and multidigit numbers), Division (up to 12 and multi- digit numbers), Addition and
Subtraction of Fractions & Decimals
Content Learned in Math 6
Math 6 is based heavily on solving Real World Application Problems, MultiStep problems and an introduction to pre-algebra skills.
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