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Social Marketing in Public Health Month
Calendar of Events
November 3rd,
Pine Room,
Building #1
Overview of CDCynergy-Social Marketing planning software.
Desktop tool to help you plan, implement and evaluate social
marketing interventions.
November 8th,
Cardinal Room,
Building #3
Social Marketing on a Shoestring Budget video seminar.
Low on funds?! Come learn tips on how to develop successful
social marketing campaigns for “not much money” from Rebecca
Brookes, former Director of Social Marketing, Planned Parenthood of
Northern New England.
 700+ resources on one CD!—planning templates; case studies,
consultant videos; PDF journal articles
 Extensively vetted by national experts.
 Like having highly paid consultant sitting on your desk for free!
(Working for a non-profit, Rebecca often faced funding shortages similar to
government agencies, yet managed to create interventions that “moved the
needle on behavior change.)
November 17th,
Training Room
Building #3
Celebrate NC DPH’s Social Marketing Work!!
November 28th,
9:00—10:30 &
Pine Room
Building #1
People, Partners, Pathways: Using the PRIZM Commercial
Marketing Database—Presented by Claritas, Inc.,
with this Tools of Change Webinar!!
NC DPH is recognized nationally as a model for a state health
department utilizing social marketing. This international webinar that
will explore how NC DPH has developed its social marketing capacity.
Washington, DC.
PRIZM is national database that provides information on people’s
lifestyle and media habits. Used by CDC, NIH, NCI and other public
health organizations to geographically locate target audiences,
identify private sector partners and choose the media pathways for
health campaigns.
9:00 – Representatives from the company that creates PRIZM data
discuss how they develop the data and how public health can use it.
11:00 – “Is this Data Valid in Bear Grass, NC?” PRIZM statisticians
discuss issues like the predictive value of the data, the statistical
methods behind the numbers, sample size and confidence intervals!
For more information, contact Mike Newton-Ward: [email protected]