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Prostate Cancer
Patient Symposium
Brian A. Stone MD, FACS
President, Jasper Urology Associates
Baptist Health Systems of Alabama
Program Objectives
Give you a better understanding of the PSA test.
Help you with treatment decision making.
Better understanding of maintaining good quality of
life after prostate cancer treatment.
Managing advanced prostate cancer.
Provide an update on new treatment options for
advanced disease.
Using the internet to gather information.
Understanding possible prostate cancer prevention
PSA Testing: Is There An Answer?
Of the current early detection
recommendations, what do you recommend
for the confused patient?
Are you concerned about the position of US
Preventative Services Task Force on
prostate cancer early detection?
Which guidelines due you support and why?
Prostate Cancer Treatment:
What’s Best for You?
Do you feel that robot assisted radical
prostatectomy is the better surgical option &
Is cryoablation a “first line” treatment option
in certain patients?
What is your position on HIFU?
What is the difference between the
“cyberknife” delivery system and IMRT?
Restoring Quality of Life:
Managing SE’s / Pain Control
What is the best method for managing “hot
Is there a role for “alternative” medical
How safe is testosterone replacement in
patients with no evidence of active disease?
Advanced Stage Disease
Do you believe that intermittent hormone
therapy is viable approach in certain
What is your position on the timing of
hormone therapy? (immediate vs. delayed?)
How do you manage patients who “break
through” Taxotere therapy? What options
do they have?
Emerging Treatment Protocols
Do you believe that Provenge is a viable
treatment option?
In lay terms what is the difference between
immunotherapy and genetic therapy?
Become Your Own Advocate
What should a patient do if they are “under
insured” and chose a treatment that is not
What services are available to patients who
are self pay or only have Medicaid?
Using the Internet
What are the most “credible” sources of
information on prostate cancer?
Prevention Strategies
Should all men take a 5ARI based on the
results of the REDUCE trial?
What natural prevention methods would you
recommend to our audience?
Question & Answers