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This Southern state was
the first to secede?
For a time, “First to Secede” appeared on South
Carolina license plates. The state was also one of
three to incorporate the confederate battle flag
into its state flag.
What is South
One of the North’s
strategies was to divide the
South by taking this
strategic river?
What is the
Mississippi River
Port Hudson, Louisiana was the last Confederate
stronghold on the river.
The Mississippi from the bluffs near Vicksburg
century boundary
between Pennsylvania and
Maryland became the
colloquial division between
North and South?
The term “Dixie” is often used to refer to the
South. It may have come from the Mason-Dixon
Line, but most historian trace it back to a French
coin that was popular in Louisiana.
What is the
Mason-Dixon Line
An act of congress in 1854
allowed these two western
states to decide for
themselves whether or not
they would become free or
slave states?
“Bloody Kansas” or “Bleeding Kansas” are in
reference to the violence that took place there
following the 1854 bill.
What are Kansas
& Nebraska?
These 5 slave states
bordering the North
remained part of the
West Virginia actually seceded from Virginia in
What are Kentucky, Maryland,
Delaware, Missouri, and
West Virginia?
The meeting of these two
great commanders at
Appomattox Court House
in 1865 marked the
beginning of
Both men became presidents after the war. Grant,
of the United States and Lee, of Washington
Who were Ulysses S.
Grant & Robert E. Lee?
This religious zealot led an
unsuccessful slave
rebellion in 1859?
Who was John
John Brown was captured at Harpers Ferry by
Robert E. Lee.
The Tragic Prelude by John Stewart Curry
This former slave became
one of the country’s most
influential abolitionists and
one of its greatest orators?
Two of Douglas’s children served in the 54th
Massachusetts Regiment that unsuccessfully
stormed Fort Wagner near the end of the war.
This event was depicted in the film Glory.
Who was Frederick
Mortally wounded by his
own men at the battle of
Chancellorsville, the loss
of this confederate leader
may have hastened the
defeat of the South?
A very religious and superstitious man, Thomas
Jackson would stand for hours with one arm
raised in the air to restore his “balance.”
Who was Stonewall
His scorched earth policy
and infamous “march to
the sea,” made this Union
general reviled by the
Sherman, who suffered from depression, was
named after a Shawnee chief. After the war he
actually fought against Native Americans in the
Who was Tecumseh
This Confederate loss in
Pennsylvania is considered
the most significant turning
point in the war?
A higher percentage of Confederate soldiers died
during the final assault than during the notorious
“Charge of the Light Brigade.”
What is Gettysburg?
The first shots of the war
were fired on this South
Carolina fort?
General P.T. Beauregard, who led the assault on
the fort, was affectionately known as the “Little
Napoleon.” Sumter remained in Confederate
control until April of 1865.
What is Fort
The first major engagement
of the Civil War took place
here in Virginia?
What is Bull
The South referred to the battle as First
Manassas (There was a 1st and a 2nd Bull Run.).
This is where Jackson earned his nickname,
Bull Run, March, 1862
This city, the largest in the
South, was lost without a
fight in 1862?
What is New
At the time, New Orleans had the largest
population of free men of color and was second
only to Natchez, MS. in millionaires per capita.
Farragut Passing the Forts Below New
Orleans, 1872, oil on canvas, Atwater Kent
After the fall of this port
city on July 4, 1863, the
Mississippi belonged to the
For almost a century after the war, the bitter
citizens of Vicksburg refused to celebrate the 4th
of July.
What is Vicksburg?
The predominately
agricultural South claimed
that this crop was “King”?
The South hoped to use cotton as leverage to win
over European support for the war. As it turned
out, cotton was not king and France, England and
others refused to recognize the rebels.
What is Cotton?
This loose network of aid
and support helped fugitive
slaves escape to freedom?
Learn more at the National Underground Railroad
Freedom Center:
Harriet Tubman leading runaway slaves
What is the Underground
This 1863 decree from
Abraham Lincoln did not
actually free all the slaves,
but it did officially make
slavery a “cause worth
fighting for”?
The proclamation was a very calculated and
diplomatic decree. It helped the Union secure
European support, it threatened the South’s labor
source, and it shifted the focus of the war. Along
with the Gettysburg Address, it is considered one
of the most significant documents in American
President Lincoln signing the Emancipation Proclamation
What is the Emancipation
This bill in 1820 set the
dividing line between free
and slave states in the
West and, as a result, put
the country on a collision
course with war?
Henry Clay, "the great pacificator,“ drafted the bill.
As a result, Maine entered the Union as a free
state and Missouri joined as a slave state.
Balance in congress was maintained and conflict
was temporarily postponed…
What is the Missouri
Opposition to a strong,
centralized federal
government, this became
the rallying cry for
What are state’s
Some Southerners, Louisiana sugar farmers for
example, were opposed to secession. They
favored federal protection against cheap
Caribbean imports.
A banner from one of the many websites in support of the “lost cause”
This Northern general may
have been a lousy leader,
but at least he lent his
name to a type of facial
Some of the other terms that appeared during the
war include goobers, greenbacks, bushwhackers,
Tar Heels, shoddy, and bummers.
Who was General
Ambrose Burnside?
This type of defensive
warfare became famous
during World War One, but
it really got its start during
the American Civil War?
What is trench warfare?
Historians consider the American Civil War the
first truly modern war. Technological innovations
like ironclads, repeating rifles, and the parrot gun
made many of the strategies employed by
commanders obsolete. As a result, almost 700
thousand men were killed.
For Civil War photographs, go to
This epic 1939 film based
on the book by Margaret
Mitchell romanticized the
“lost cause”?
Gone with the Wind is one of the top grossing
movies of all time. Birth of a Nation, another Civil
War film, is considered the first motion picture.
What is Gone with the
After the war, this brilliant
Confederate cavalry
general founded the
infamous KKK?
Forrest, an illiterate millionaire, never lost a battle.
During the war he had 29 horses shot from under
him and he single-handedly killed 30 men. He
was the only man to enlist as a private and rise to
the rank of Lieutenant General.
Who was Bedford
Many disgruntled
Confederates settled in this
Latin American country, the
last to abolish slavery?
Others settled in the tiny Central American
country of Belize. The descendents of these
“confederados” can still be found there.
A Brazilian book about the Civil War Confederados
What is Brazil?