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• Why is it important for people in a
hospital to get the right blood type
when they need if for a
Bell Ringer
• 1901 Austrian Karl Landsteiner discovered
human blood groups
• blood transfusions became safer
• Awarded Noble Prize in 1930.
• Determined by proteins called
antigens on the surface of your blood.
• With different antibodies
• Ex: Type A blood has A antigens but B
• A antibodies would attack A blood.
Blood Type
Human Blood Types
(Blood Type)
ABO Group
Antigen on
Red Blood Cell
Safe Transfusions
• O – universal donor
• No antigens
• AB – universal recipient
• No antibodies
• Important in blood transfusions and
paternity suits
• Single gene I - has 3 different alleles
• Multiple Alleles
Blood type A genotype IA IA IA i
Blood type B
genotype IB IB IB i
Blood type ABgenotype IA IB (codominant)
Blood type O
genotype ii (recessive)
ABO Blood Group
• Determined by single gene with 2 alleles
• Rh positive (Rh+/Rh+ or Rh+/ Rh-)
• Rh negative (Rh-/Rh-)
• Rh+ can never be given to Rh- people
• Can cause a mother’s body to attack a
Rh Group