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Give an account under the following headings:
(i) glycolysis
5 marks
(ii) the Kreb's cycle 5 marks
1 occurs in the cytoplasm
2 glucose broken down inro 2 pyruvic acids
3 C6 compound tp 2 X 3C
4 step by step breakdown by enzymes OR series of enzyme controlled reaction
5 net gain of ATP OR explanation of net gain of ATP
6 NAD accepts hydrogen /NADH is produced and transferred to cytochrome system /cristae
NOT stage 3
7 oxygen not required / occurs in aerobic or anaerobic conditions
MAX 5 marks
8 occurs in the mitochondrion matrix
9 requires oxygen or aerobic stage
10 C2 acetyl group produced from pyruvic acid
11 acetyl group joins with CoA
12 acetylCoA reacts / combines with a C4 compound to form C6 compound / citric acid
13 cyclical series of reactions back to C4 compound
14 CO2 produced /given off/ released
15 NAD accepts hydrogen / NADH produced and transferred to cytochrome system
16 Kreb's cycle needs / controlled by enzymes
Do not award both 7 and 9
Do not award 6 and 15
Do not award both 4 and 16