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HUSD wants to promote and safeguard the health and safety of its students, employees, and general
public. Any student that has a contagious or infectious disease, liable to transmit such disease in a
school setting after exposure, shall be excluded from school as required by Arizona State Health
Department and Maricopa County Health Services and communicable disease control. Refer to the
Arizona Department of Health Services Communicable Disease Flip Chart for specific information.
Parents will be requested to provide a history of the communicable diseases for each student, and such
records will be kept and maintained by the school district.
A student suffering from a communicable disease shall be excluded from school to protect his/her own
welfare and also to protect other children from illness. Health Services personnel need to report each case
of a suspected or confirmed reportable communicable disease to the school administration. The following
practices related to exclusion may be used as a guide in making individual decisions:
Exclude a student with a pink eye until symptoms subside, effective antibiotic therapy is
initiated, or a note from the doctor diagnosing the pink eye as non-contagious is received in the
health office. Follow Communicable Disease Flip Chart instruct ions.
Any student with an unidentified rash will be sent home if directed by the Rash Flow Chart in
the Communicable Disease Flip Chart. The student may return when the rash has
disappeared or a note from the doctor diagnosing the rash as no n-contagious is received in the
health office.
Students with head lice should be excluded until the child is under treatment and nit free.
Any student with, or recovering from, a communicable disease will not be permitted in school
until the period of contagion is passed or until a doctor recommends a return.
Any student who has evidence of communicable disease or has pain of sufficient severity to
prevent normal activity or who has a temperature of 100 degrees should be excluded from
Students returning to school following an absence for illnesses involving a disease requiring
exclusion should be referred to health office personnel for re-admittance to the classroom. If it
is suspected that the student continues with a disease requiring exclusion or is able to transmit
such a disease at school, he/she may be required to provide written statement from physician
before re-entering school.
See the Arizona Department of Health Services Communicable Disease Flip Chart, located in
the health office at each school, for specific information regarding communicable disease,
infection control measures and the parent letter to be used for notification of parent about these
diseases. The flip chart is also available at the links above.