Download The “Splendid Little War” The Spanish American War, 1898

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The “Splendid Little War”
The Spanish American War,
American Expansionism
• Captain Alfred R. Mahan, The Influence
of Sea Power Upon History
• Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, and
Theodore Roosevelt
• Other Motives:
• Religious
• Ideological
• Political
• Economic
• Exploratory
Road to War
• Problems in Cuba
• General Valeriano “Butcher” Weyler
• “reconcentrado”
• The “Yellow Press”
• Joseph Pullitzer, New York
• “Yellow Kid”
• William Randolph Hearst
The U.S. Readies for War
• American investment inCuba
• 1896 McKinley elected as President
“Protect American Business! Free the
Cuban people!”
• Dupuy de Lome letter
• Sinking of the U.S.
Battleship Maine
U.S.S. Maine
Final Steps to Declaration of War
• March 27, 1898
• April 9, 1898-Spain offers Cuban rebels
an armistice
• April 10, 1898-Spain willing to
negotiate over Cuban independence
• April 11, 1898-McKinley asks Congress
to declare war on Spain
• Teller Amendment
Conduct of War
• Theaters of War: Caribbean and Pacific
• Philippines:
• Emiliano Aguinaldo
• Commodore Dewey
• Rough Riders
• Kettle and
San Juan Hill
Results of the War
• 113 Days
• Philippines
• Platt Amendment
• Cuba
• Guam/Puerto Rico
• Foraker Act, 1900
• Jones Act 1917
Cost of War/Critics
• $250 million
• 5,642 died (362 in battle)
• Critics of expansion
• Anti-Imperialists
• Upset over treatment of the Philippines
• Feared war with Japan in future
• Hypocrisy of our actions