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Thomas Jefferson
His views on Government,
Economics and Human Nature
Jefferson and Foreign Relations
On Women, Blacks and Opportunity
Thomas Jefferson
Born into a family of
He represents the
Republicans party,
they are strict
constructionists and
supporters of state
Jefferson’s View on Government
Strong supporter of
state’s rights
He had witnessed the
abuses of European
Jefferson believes that
state governments
represent the people
An Agrarian Economy
He believes that we
should be a nation of
Farmers are less likely
to be corrupt and selfserving like merchants
and businessmen
Farmers are tied to the
land and self sufficient
View on Human Nature
Believed that the
“people” as long as
they were educated
could be trusted with
The “citizen”
according to Jefferson
was the bastion of
Thoughts on Foreign Relations
Supported the French
Revolution because it was
a revolt of the poor class
against the monarchy and
the elites
The Revolution turns
bloody but Republicans
still support it
These actions horrified the
Washington Presidency
The French Revolution
The French Revolution
Views on Opportunity
He struggled with the pure
thought of politically
Women he believed were
too innocent, blacks weak
minded and Indians were a
hindrance to progress
Only white males
participate in government