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* Boost in Awareness Increase
trnd makes online
media more effective*:
trnd makes TV
more effective*:
trnd boosts the effects of TV,
Print, Online & Social Media.
A large-scale research project with 27,563 consumers assessed the effects of the trnd campaign format
“FMCG, Food & Co.”, when used in connection with other media. Combining such a campaign with TV,
print, online or social media on average more than doubles the effect of the other media channels.
trnd makes print
media more effective*:
trnd increases Brand Awareness.
27,563 consumers were asked* which media channel they remember for a specific brand /
campaign (TV, Print, Online and Social Media). A percentage of these consumers were also
reached by recommendations from their circle of friends (triggers through trnd campaigns
using the format “FMCG, Food & Co.”), alongside TV, Print, Online and Social Media.
Among those consumers who were reached by the trnd
WOM campaign in addition to the other traditional and
non-traditional channels, the positive effect on Brand
Awareness was more than doubled.
Higher Awareness
Higher Awareness
Higher Awareness
Increase in Awareness
Higher Awareness
* Supported and unsupported survey. Products / brands from a large FMCG company.
trnd increases Purchase Intention.
The impact on Purchase Intention is even more powerful. The right combination of
“traditional” media channels and a trnd campaign boosted the increase in Purchase
Intention up to four times.
higher purchase
intention increase
higher purchase
intention increase
higher purchase
intention increase
Increase in Purchase Intention
higher purchase
intention increase
The combination of a targeted marketing message and
credible recommendations from the circle of friends
enables this increase in effectiveness.
* Supported and unsupported survey. Products / brands from a large FMCG company.
Study details and background:
About trnd:
Model type: Mixed (multi-level) fixed-effects model, per respondent. Direct effects and
interaction effects (synergy) included in the model.
trnd is the leading Technology and Service Company for Collaborative and Word-ofMouth Marketing. trnd enables brands and companies to target and work together
with their consumers using a 1:1 dialogue, and monetise Collaborative Marketing
concepts in all of their business and marketing processes.
Data: A series of large scale surveys (n = 27,563). Each respondent was asked about
three different products. In each case, we obtained responses about media exposure
and brand impression.
Estimation algorithm: Maximum Likelihood.
Researched trnd campaign format: “FMCG, Food & Co.”
Rationale: Such a multi-level model (per participant) enables the estimation of
generalizable effects when the sample is heterogeneous enough, without distortion
from population effects. The large sample makes it possible to also estimate the effects
of media combination, in addition to the direct effects of the various media types.
This study is a preliminary report, published within the context of an on-going research
collaboration between trnd AG, Europa University Viadrina and ifwom – Institute for
Marketing and Word-of-Mouth Research.
Working as the technical foundation, trnd offers the SaaS (Software as a Service)
solution trndsphere™ Collaborative Marketing Suite. This allows already existing
Online Platforms, CRM Systems and Communities to switch over to a collaborative
engagement platform quickly and easily.
trnd has worked with many clients from a whole range of industry areas, for
example: Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Henkel, Nestlé, Philips, Samsung, HTC,
Microsoft, L'Oréal, Nintendo, Danone and GSK.
trnd was founded in 2005 and has more than 200 members of staff in offices in
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Italy,
Greece, The Netherlands, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Chile.
Authors of the study:
Dr. Florian Dost, Professor Europa-Universität Viadrina
Dr. Martin Oetting, Research Director trnd AG
trnd AG
Winzererstraße 47d-e
80797 Munich
Phone +49 89 – 307 668 250
eMail [email protected]
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