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Dear All,
We are pleased to share the newly-released patient and clinician-facing, 2-minute videos, that explain
the value of Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) from a patient, clinician and system perspective. These
videos, with subtitles, have been uploaded to YouTube. The French versions will be made available
shortly. This success is the result of the collaboration between the funder, the Canadian Partnership
Against Cancer (CPAC), other provinces working on PROs, and the leadership of the patients and
members on the Education and Video Working Group from iPEHOC (Improving Patient Experience and
Health Outcomes Collaborative) project that includes Usman Aslam and Joseph Imre from the Aboriginal
Cancer Control Unit at Cancer Care Ontario (CCO).
iPEHOC is a project funded by CPAC, sponsored by CCO, and lead by Dr. Doris Howell, Dr. Madeline Li
and Dr. Zeev Rosberger. It’s a collaboration between CCO and the Rossy Cancer Network (RCN) in
Montreal, led by Tony Teti.
Thank you to the participating Montreal iPEHOC pilot sites (The Jewish General/Segal Centre, St. Mary’s
Hospital and McGill Health Science Centre) lead by Dr. Zeev Rosberger, Dr. Marc Hamel and Dr. Rosanna
Faria; and the Ontario sites (Northeast Cancer Centre, Juravinski Cancer Centre and Princess Margaret
Cancer Centre) lead by Dr. Carole Mayer, Lorraine Martelli and Alyssa Macedo. Special thanks to the
following patients: Linda Tracey, Julie Szasz, Pat Giddings and Bruce Campbell; and Adriana Krasteva,
Francine Lavoie, Jeff Mangerpan, and Katherine George.
These videos are being distributed across Canada and at our iPEHOC implementation sites. The goal is
to increase awareness of the value and use of PROs in practice. This is a key objective for the ongoing
work of the PROs Advisory Committee at CCO lead by our PRO Clinical Lead, Dr. Lisa Barbera.
Please feel free to share with stakeholders.
Patient video
Clinician video