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Chapter 21
What are some………..
• Causes of imperialism?
• Effects of imperialism?
Motivations that influenced
Social Darwinism
Trade Ports & Naval Bases
Berlin Conference
• European nations meet in Berlin and
divided up the African continent.
Hodge Podge
• India colonized by Britain – Gandhi leads
the independence movement
• Opium Wars with China – China avoids
colonization – Boxer Rebellion
• Mathew Perry & gun ships forces Japan to
trade to avoid colonization
• European culture spreads
• Traditional cultures disrupted
Rebellions Against Imperialism
• Boxer Rebellion – China
• Boer War – South Africa
• Sepoy Mutiny - India
Explain the role of the following in
advancing Imperialism….
Military technology
Transportation technology
Communication technology
Medical advancements
Does imperialism exist today?
• After WWII, many imperialized nations
were given independence. So, does
imperialism still go on today?