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Forcing driving Imperialism in Africa
Industrial Revolution provided European countries with a reason to add lands to their control.
Searching for new markets and raw materials to improve Europe’s economy.
Europeans viewed an Empire as a measure of national greatness.
o Each country was determined to plant its flag on as much of the world as possible.
Social Darwinism= social theory (those who were fittest for survival enjoyed wealth and success and were
considered superior).
Missionaries believed that European rule was the best way to end evil practices.
Forms of Imperialism
A country governed internally by a
foreign power.
A country with its own internal
government but under the control of
an outside power.
An area in which an outside power
claims exclusive investment or trading
An independent but less developed
country controlled by private business
interest rather than other
Sphere of Influence
Economic Imperialism
Somaliland in East Africa was a French
Britain established a protectorate over
the Niger River Delta.
Liberia was under the sphere of
influence of the United States.
The Dole Fruit company controlled
pineapple trade in Hawaii.
Factors promoting imperialism
1. European Technology
a. Maxim gun- invented in 1884= worlds first automatic machine gun.
b. Steam engine=easy access to rivers and transportation deep into Africa.
2. Africa had a huge variety of languages and cultures that discouraged unity among them (making it easy for
Europeans to colonize).
Berlin Conference divides Africa
14 European countries.
Lay down rules for division of Africa
Could claim land in Africa by notifying European nations of
its claims and showing it could control the area.
1. How did the many linguistic and ethnic groups in Africa contribute to European colonization?
2. How did the industrial revolution lead to European colonization?
3. Why were no African rulers invited to attend the Berlin Conference?
4.Do you think Europeans could have conquered Africa if the Industrial Revolution had never occurred? Explain.