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Topic: Spanish Exploration
Main Idea: Spain desired to establish an
empire in the Americas in the 1500s and
1600s. Explorers began to map out the
region and tales of gold, gems, and
minerals lured the Spanish into Texas.
Essential Questions:
How did the contributions of European
explorers and settlers impact Texas?
What happens when cultures come
into contact with each other?
Why did the Spanish conquistadors
and friars explore Texas?
Mercantilism is an economic idea
that the world only contains a
fixed amount of wealth.
If you want to increase the
amount of wealth you have…what
do you have to do?
The New World
Christopher Columbus sailed the
Atlantic Ocean blue in 1492; he
was Italian, sailing for Spain.
He sailed west to get to the east to
find riches such as gold, silk, and
spices in Asia.
The New World
c.All 4 of his trips gave Spain claim to
land in the Western Hemisphere.
d.Result? The Spanish established an
empire consisting of most of South
America, many Caribbean islands,
Mexico, Central America, and part of
the present-day United States.
New Spain
Conquistadores (Spanish soldiers),
sought riches and power for
themselves, and wealth and glory
for Spain.
Hundreds of Conquistadores were
able to conquer thousands of
natives. HOW?
*Stand and make a prediction with
your partner.
New Spain
Superior weapons:
1. Guns
2. Cannons
3. Metal Swords
ii. The Spanish had horses.
iii. Some natives believed the Spaniards were
iv. Disease: The natives had a weaker immune
system. Measles, mumps, flu, or just a
regular cold could make the natives very ill.
Result? Thousands died and their empires
rapidly declined and grew smaller.
Famous Spanish Explorers
Alonso Alvarez de Pineda – first
European to explore and map the
Texas coast in 1519
Hernan Cortez – conquered the
wealthy Aztecs and their emperor
Moctezuma from 1519-1522;
renamed the Aztec capital
Tenochtitlan to Mexico City
Famous Spanish Explorers
Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca – survived
shipwreck in Galveston in 1527 and
became the first European to enter
Texas; he lived with the Karankawas for
6 years from 1528-1534
Estevanico – survivor with de Vaca; first
African to enter Texas; studied
geography of Texas and later became a
guide for Spanish explorers
Famous Spanish Explorers
e. Luis de Moscoso –led men into east
Texas in 1542; explored the Brazos
River but returned to Mexico after
failing to find gold
f. Juan de Onate- led men into Rio
Grande Valley and Mexico; was
exploring the “El Paso del Norte”
and established many settlements
in West Texas
Exit Ticket: Graffiti
Get out a blank sheet of notebook
paper. On the center of it write
“Spanish explorers”. All around
those words, now draw/write what
you learned today.