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Name: __________________________
Date: _____________
Period: _________
Spanish Exploration and Claims in the New World
 Age of the Conquistador
 Spanish Pride
o Gushing with pride, Spain starts asserting itself on the world stage
o Starts looking outside its _________ to explore to keep pace with Portugal
o King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella frugally sponsor a little known Italian trouble
maker (Explorer/Businessman) who is convinced that he can find a quicker route to
o His name was … ______________ ______________
 Christopher Columbus
o _______ Christopher Columbus lands in the New World
o Thinks he found ________
o Discovers an entirely different land
 Spanish Start Exploring Mexico
o Spanish start establishing themselves in the ___________
o Land in Mexico
o Contact with __________ and other tribes
 Cortes and the Aztecs
o _________ lands in Mexico in _________
o __________ Conquered in ____________
 Spanish Explore Texas
 Alonso Alvarez de Pineda
o Sailed along the _____________________ in _________
o Left a __________________ of the area
o Searched for a _________________ to the ______________
o May have made _____________ with ________________
 Panfilo de Narvaez
o Led a _____________that started in _______ in ______
o 80 members of his party landed on the coast of ______ in __________
o _______________ among the survivors
o Made contact with the ______________ Indians
 Cabeza de Vaca
o Had belonged to the __________ expedition
o Lived among the _______________ as a trader along the Gulf Coast for 4 years
o __________ by the ____________ with three other survivors of the Narvaez
o ___________ with the others in _______
o Wandered in southern Texas until 1536
o Wrote a book that reported the rumors that ________________________ were in
the region
 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
o Heard stories of “Cities of Gold”
o Assembled a 1,000 man expedition
o Explored ______________ for over ____ years
o Treated Indians very ____________
o Found ______________
o Told Spanish ___________________________
France Explores the New World
French Reasons
 Wanted to find ____________ like _________________ but never did
 Looking for a _____________ _______________ to Pacific Ocean (Northwest Passage)
 Instead, _________ ___________ brought in wealth from the French colonies
 Built settlements along St. Lawrence River (Canada)
 Had better relations with Indians
 Traders lived among them and learned their customs
 Would convert Indians to Christianity ____________________________
La Salle
 Explored and claimed land along ________________________________
 Very difficult to get along with/treated his men badly
 Built ______________________________ by present day Matagorda Bay, Texas