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Voyages of Portugal
o The Portuguese and Spanish were the first to make voyages into
o __________________________ was responsible for Portuguese exploration.
Wanted to find ___________________
Wanted to spread _________________
Wanted to find a way to become involved in the _______________________ of the
o His expeditions explored the _________________________________________ and the coast of
o Began to trade for __________________, ____________, and ______________.
o In 1488 _________________________ sailed around the Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip
of Africa.
This led to the discovery of a route to the ______________________________
o The discovery of the route to the Indian Ocean encouraged other _____________________.
o ______________________________ used this knowledge to sail across the Indian Ocean and
land in India in 1498.
o The voyages of Dias and da Gama established an overseas ___________________________
from Europe to India and the East Indies.
Brought ________________________________ to Portugal.
Travel by sea was much quicker and more ______________________ than traveling by
Voyages of Spain
o Spain also became interested in exploration due to their desire for new
o _______________________________________ believed that a shorter route to Asia could be
found by sailing west instead of sailing around _________________.
o Columbus’ voyage was financed by _______________________________ and
_________________________________ of Spain.
o In August of 1492, Columbus set sail with 3 ships.
_______________, _________________, ______________________________
o In October of 1492, he landed on a small island that he named ___________________________.
o Columbus thought that the island was off the coast of India, but he had actually discovered the
o The major difference between Columbus and the Portuguese explorers was that the Portuguese
sailed to lands they already knew about. Columbus discovered lands that were
The Columbian Exchange
o In the years after Columbus’ voyage a massive exchange of goods took place between the
“_________________________” and Europe.
o ____________________________, ___________________, _____________________, and
even ___________________________ were transferred between the two halves of the world.
The Treaty of Tordesillas
o The Spanish and Portuguese often claimed they had discovered the same _______________.
o This led to ____________________ between the two groups.
o Pope Alexander VI drew an imaginary line through the middle of the
Spain gets all lands on the _____________________ side of the line.
Portugal gets all lands on the ___________________ side of the line.
o In 1494 the ___________________________________________ moved the line further west.
o In 1500 _____________________________ set out for India, but his ship was blown off course.
o He landed on the coast of _____________________.
o Under the Treaty of Tordesillas, Cabral was able to claim the lands for ____________________
– lands that originally would have been the property of ______________________.
o Portugal would eventually come to control most of
o Spain would control the _________________________.
Other Explorers
o Amerigo Vespucci
Went on several expeditions with the _______________ and ___________________.
Found new lands across the Atlantic that would later be named “___________________”
after him.
o Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Sailed across the _______________________________
Confirmed that the New World was not part of ___________________
o Ferdinand Magellan
Found and named the ________________________
Made the first voyage _________________________________
o Samuel de Champlain
Sailed to ______________________________ for the French
Founded the city of ______________________
o James Cook
Sailed the ______________________
Explored ____________________, the ____________________ islands, and
Zheng He
___________________ explorer
Explored 30 nations including ________________, parts of ____________, and the
Was a Muslim and made the _____________________ to Mecca
Was the _____________ Chinese explorer – after his voyages the emperor ended
exploration because it was too _________________________.