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Frequently misspelt words
Misspelt Word
Dictionary Meaning
The circumstances or conditions that surround one;
A rubber ring placed over the rim of a wheel of a road
vehicle to provide traction and reduce road shocks, esp. a
hollow inflated ring (pneumatic tyre) consisting of a
reinforced outer casing enclosing an inner tube
The parts of an engine through which the exhausted
gases or steam pass
a disc or cylindrical part that slides to and fro in a hollow
cylinder. In an internal-combustion engine it is forced to
move by the expanding gases in the cylinder head and is
attached by a pivoted connecting rod to a crankshaft or
flywheel, thus converting reciprocating motion into rotation
Any machine designed to convert energy, esp. heat
energy, into mechanical work: a steam engine; a petrol
The type of gasoline designed to power a diesel engine.
A device for slowing or stopping motion, as of a vehicle,
especially by contact friction
a device in which a toothed rack or wheel is engaged by a
pawl to permit motion in one direction only
A wrench having a hook, hole, or pin at the end for
meshing with a related device on another object.
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