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Species Interactions
Supplemental Instruction
Iowa State University
What does each symbol mean?
Biology 211
April 19, 2013
Draw graphs showing mortality % vs population density for:
Natural disasters
territorial predator
disease, parasitism, predation
How does population ecology apply to humans? How can we calculate K for humans?
Chapter 57: Species interactions
Intraspecific vs interspecific
Exploitation competition vs interference competition
What is a niche?
T/F There are two species of warblers that live in the same tree. They feed at the same time. Do they occupy the same
Lets say another bird moves into that same tree and starts living and eating, at the same time, the same things as the
previous warbler. Draw a graph demonstrating competitive exclusion principle. Which species has the upper hand?
Fundamental niche vs realized niche
How can we identify niche space?
Predation – name 3 anti-predator strategies. Can you name others too?
Herbivory- what are some defenses plants have?
Parasitism- T/F- the goal of the parasite is to kill its host