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Thermodynamics Guided Notes
This packet will contain a wealth of knowledge on the topics to be covered in chapters 2124. The information will be covered in 3 ways. First, I will assign you sections to read from your
Conceptual Physics book. Then we will take guided notes in class over the material from the
sections you preciously read. You will also have activities and examples to supplement your
thermodynamics knowledge. This packet in its entirety (a.k.a. completely finished) is to be turned
in at the end of the unit completed by its owner. If you are absent any days during this unit, it is
your responsibility to get notes from a helpful classmate then check with me to see what you
missed in class. It is very important to keep up with the reading and homework from this unit since
we don’t have much time to cover it and because you’ll learn so much more that way!
Table of Contents:
Chapter, section, and topics
Pages in packet
Chapter 21 Part 1: ** Sections 21.1-21.6**
Read sections 21.1- 21.6 and answer the following questions.
Define temperature:
On which temperature scale is the gap between freezing and boiling equally divided into
100 degrees?
Which scale is used for scientific research and contains the lowest possible temperature?
At what temperature does water freeze on the Fahrenheit scale?
Briefly describe how temperature is related to kinetic energy.
Define heat:
Heat is energy is transit from a body of
Energy resulting from this heat flow is called
temperature to
Define thermal contact:
Why wouldn’t heat flow from warm water to a hot thumb tack?
Water flowing from a cooler substance to a warmer substance is kind of like water flowing
uphill. Draw the picture of heat flowing from an object of higher temperature to one of lower
Define thermal equilibrium:
How does a thermometer work?
A substance does not contain heat- it contains
Define internal energy:
To quantify heat, we must specify the
of substance affected.
Define calorie:
How does this definition relate to the common definition of Calorie we use to describe food?
Different substances have different
require specific
the material by a specified
for storing internal energy. Specific
to raise the temperature of a given mass of
What are two ways absorbed energy can affect a substance? Draw a picture of what you think each
would look like.
Define specific heat capacity:
Equation for specific heat capacity:
Identify what each quantity in the equation
stands for: