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Sharon O'Briant
(601) 559-8046 [email protected]
· Summary of Qualifications: My many years of accounting in various types and multiples of businesses provides a
vast reservoir of experience, skill and energy. I have taken businesses from inception to multi-million dollar entities.
My proficiencies include:
payroll, monthly, quarterly and yearly filings with employees in multiple states
understanding of various accounting systems
daily transactions,
accounts receivables
accounts payables.
· I possess excellent preparation skills for
monthly profit and loss statements
crafting a business's financial picture.
· I have owned businesses large and small. I have worked for businesses large and small. My understanding of business
financials, business ethics and my people skills formulate compatibility as a valuable business partner.
2011 – 2016 3 Companies – Hayles Towing, Hayles Trucking & JWH Equipment
· A family illness required intervention into the entrepreneurial endeavors of this family. The first two businesses were
established but the third was just in infancy. I stepped in to meet their accounting needs at a critical time deciphering
what phase each were in and turning that data into valuable business information for each company. I designed
systems to track cash and labor management, daily sales and expenses and presented them with monthly profit and loss
statements as well as analysis of cash flow and year to year comparatives. These businesses grew into multi-million
dollar operations. Payroll was completed weekly which included hourly, salary and commissioned employees. The
towing and trucking businesses used QuickBooks Desktop while JWH Equipment used an industry specific software
Keystone/DIS. I become the go-to person who troubleshot software issues and accounting entries.
2000 – 2011 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
· The first five years as Office Manager and Bookkeeper, I logged each donation and expense of multiple fund-raising
programs in Mississippi. I developed systems to help each fundraiser better assess each donation and expense of their
particular programs. This included forecasting, annual budgeting and yearly analyzation of each program.
· The next six years I operated as Fundraiser, assisting with several programs but primarily directed as Manager of
Pennies for Patients. I helped solicit schools to participate in the fundraiser and influenced school teachers and
counselors to set up the program, then accelerated collection of donations and expenses. I generated visits with schools
around the state presenting assemblies to the students to enhance excitement and morale.
1986 – 2000 MIM Companies
· I took on many roles which included comptroller and manager of multiple start-up companies: fast food burger
restaurants, a nationally branded Motel / Restaurant, cooking schools, fast-food pizza establishments, bed & breakfast,
small town newspaper, convenience stores / gas stations and dress shop. I developed daily accounting systems, for
sales and logged expenses which were compiled and used to track food and labor percentages. I identified issues if
labor performance and food usage did not meet industry standards. Payroll was generated for 400 employees biweekly among multiple corporations. All state and federal filings were obtained with monthly, quarterly and yearly
reports filed as required. Each store was assigned its own profit and loss statement which were completed monthly.
Quickbooks Online Certification 2016
Colby Community College – Business
Regis University – Denver - Business
· Each business endeavor is unique and requires flexible systems. I am very adept to meet needs with accuracy and
integrity. I know what it is like to wear many hats and can do so with efficiency and determination. I refined work
systems in each employment so each facet of the business could become more efficient and profitable. I have negotiated
contracts for health insurance, and workmen’s compensation as well as office equipment. I am that trusted employee
who treats each work endeavor as an owner would.
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