Download Activity 1: It`s a Gas!! Applying your knowledge:

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Activity 1: It’s a Gas!!
Applying your knowledge:
1.Baking soda is sometimes used as a homeremedy for indigestion because it reacts
with your stomach acid to partially
neutralize the acid and produce CO2.
(This will make you burp!)
2.Antacid tablets contain a chemical, such
as, magnesium hydroxide or calcium
carbonate that react with your stomach
acid in a way similar to the baking soda.
This will neutralize your stomach acid and
relieve your heartburn.
3.Air bags in cars work by utilizing a very
fast chemical reaction that produces a gas.
An electrical detonation (activated by a
crash) sets off the explosive
decomposition of sodium azide. The rapid
production of gas fills the air bag.
2NaN3------->2Na + 3N2 (g)