Download Pepsin- secreted (produced) by glands in the stomach, a specific

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Pepsin- secreted (produced) by glands in the stomach, a specific
enzyme which breaks down protein
HCl- (hydrochloric acid) secreted by the stomach, triggers the
release of pepsin
Gastric Juice- a combination of HCl and Pepsin, very acidic
Mucus- produced by the stomach & it protects stomach from
gastric juice
Ulcer- a sore on the stomach lining due to a lack of mucus
protection, thought to be caused by a bacteria known as H. pylori
Smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, too much aspirin or pain
killers can cause ulcers
Chyme- partially digested food, gastric juice, enzymes, carbs
almost totally broken down and protein partially broken down
Pyloric sphincter- job is to release a little bit of chyme
into the small intestine
Heartburn- gastric juice goes back into the esophagus causing
some burning, can be caused by eating fatty food, eating too much,
not eating, spicy food…many causes
Reverse peristalsis- vomiting, caused by many factors – motion
sickness, virus, bacteria, food….